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If your reading this that means u care right?

Hello Im Spooky and Im 24 years old and I struggle with Depression and Anxiety. Mainly anxiety I struggled with it ever since I was a teenager but I didnt know what it was called at the time until recently. I guess I struggle with people abandoning me since forever ago so that tends to start a panic attack people leave for work or some something related to that. I hate the feeling I get when I am trapped and cant leave or escape and then BAM! ANXIETY! so I want to make friends but every time I make friends they tend to leave me...maybe because of my anxiety, maybe I'm to extreme for them I have no idea. But if any of you struggle with something similar I would like to make friends with someone or to help anyone else. So if you are looking for a friend that is also struggling with something similar someone that wont judge you hit me up!.

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Please message me anytime. I struggle to make friends and even replying to this is a little scary.


I think this is a good place to talk about such things. How are you feeling today?


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