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Hi everyone, I've been diagnosed with depression coupled with anxiety disorder a few years ago. I'm still on anti depressants today. Thinking back on what I could have changed in my life.. to have been able to avoid this, I won't change much. My life's currently not perfect in fact far from it, but I'm truly in a much happier place. fast forward.. I've gone through significant changes which I brought about to 'sort' my life out, I filed for divorce, work wise I'm doing better than was before, I travelled a lot more, rescued animals (hated cats before haha), picked up cooking etc. not that I'm saying it's a one size fits all or one solution fits all.. everyone has different needs and limitations. But I must say that it is important to give yourself a chance. Sometimes it means breaking off toxic relationships or habits or changing something that you subconsciously didn't like but constantly have nightmares about. It's hard but good news, it's so possible. So give yourself a chance. Find out what the root cause is and take different measures to counter it. Try out new things or meet new people. Go places. Read more. So many possibilities to turn it around. Most people who suffers from this condition is known to be a 'sponge' - someone who takes in a lot till they cannot take anymore. It's important to recognize 2 things - your strength and then your limitations. Now, reverse that strength you have to focus on you rather than others. Have strength to believe you will get out of it and even better, get out stronger than you were before. I would like to think of my experience as a 'reset' button. It forces you to stop and rethink about your past and the future and then what you can do now in the present. I read a lot on the science of depression and then a lot on the psychological experiences that might have led me o this point. The facts helped me, I gathered support from my closest friends and family as much as I can. I dragged myself out of my 'comfort zone' and one of the things I did was I started to drive again (I stopped for months because I had several times panic attacks while driving and was so extremely very very afraid to drive again). So many things I thought was impossible for me to continue went on to be possible and some I just left behind by choice. It took time yes, it took a lot of failures (I can go on with this), it took a lot of effort but it proved to be a very meaningful experience. and still is.. this reset button I was forced onto was invaluable. Keep your heads high and give yourself as many chances as you can. I am still every now and then suffering from symptoms and it's exhausting but I would never give up without a fight. And I hope no one will too. Someday I hope that I will stop my meds and will have no more attacks or no more seeing my psychiatrist or whatsoever but until that day, I learn new things, try to help others who is going through the same and I go on like life is on my side :) thank you to those who read this.. I'm just happy to be able to share my experience and hoping somewhere somehow it helps another person to see that spark of light at the end of the tunnel. Keep your chin up!

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