Hello, new here. I wanted to introduce myself. I have been suffering with anxiety and panic attacks for 20 years now. I also suffer from stress induced seizures. Some decades worse than others with stretches of calm in between. I contracted lyme disease in my 20s (I think that really has messed with my neurological well being) and I did have PPD with both my children, but things calmed until about 2 years ago. I suffered a personal incident and have slowly been going down hill since. Unable to get control, I finally saw my doctor, he diagnosed me with GAD and I am now on medication and doing better.... not great but functioning well, feeling a change and trying to get back control. The hard part it not many understand or are still around. I lost many friends along the way due to my erratic behavior. I still feel like I always have to apologize for who I am. Looking for a place to share and get some understanding.


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