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Good morning everyone

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Hello, I’m new to this forum and just began reading some of the post that people are dealing with that are similar to my own. I am amazed how many stories are a mimic of mine . I’m not a huge sharer but I take comfort in knowing I can reach out directly to some of you with similar stories. It’s been a long road constantly thinking everything wrong with me is my fault if I could just get control but that isn’t always the case. I’m married for 25 years have two children a good job but still cannot find away out of my own personal hell. I appreciate knowing there’s hope. Just need to find it. ❤️

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Are you suffering from Anxiety or Depression ? Are you taking any medicines for it? Make sure that you go see a psychiatrist to help you find the best medical treatment you need. Also, talk therapy can really help too.

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I suffer from Anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, anger , binge eating and feeling like everyone is out to hurt me. I’ve been to many doctors over the years and have tried many medications. I’ve never felt it helped or possibly I was to impatient and needed a faster fix. I live in Florida so a good doctor is so hard to find. I always feel I’m just a face to help them collect a payment from insurance.

Welcome Laly. I'm happy you're already finding post that you can relate to. Sometimes just knowing you're not the only one that's going through this, makes you feel a little bit better. I struggle with sharing as well. This community has allowed me to work on that and has been supportive the whole way. Share what you can at your own pace, no rush. Best wishes


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Thank you 🙏

I know you feel about thinking or feeling if only I can control it, or control how you think or feel. I’m glad though you have some family around, hopefully their love can help some.

I know it can be hard regardless as many times the depression can tell you just the opposite of what reality is.

But remember their love along with keeping hope and reaching out , while seeking help. It’s a journey.

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Thank you 😊

Mental illness is a lot more common than you think. I discovered that years ago when I let people know what I was dealing with. I was amazed how many came to me and said they have gone through similar things. You're lucky to have family and a job. I'm retired and have no family. A few friends but I rarely see them. I feel very lonely and bored.

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Thank you, hope this forum will help me figure things out.

I can so relate to your story! It just amazes me how many people are on here and you wonder how many people that you come in contact with everyday that have issues but don't ever let on that they do.

I think with all my issues it’s been hard to form relationships with people so other then my family I don’t talk to anyone about my private life . I’ve worked with the same people for 12 plus years and honestly can say no one knows me. People always want to complain about how a husband doesn’t help with the kids or so and so did this or that but the minute I talk about some real life bending moments they just brush you off. I just don’t bother. That’s why I’m glad I found this forum. It’s just about that.

Me too glad I found this form it's kind of funny cuz I don't recall how I found it LOL I just started receiving the emails I must have gone out looking for something on Google and saw this and must have joined I just don't remember doing it but I'm glad I did. I wish I kept to myself more at work I do for the most part but there's certain things I've opened up with and wish I hadn't. I am the same way I don't have a lot of relationships out of the side of my family and friends that I've known for a long time. So they just accept me the way I am.

Went through 25 years of depression so I understand the trapped feeling you seem to be describing. I am so glad you are here and opening up. I found this was the best help for me, outside of Jesus. He brought me out of it and I have been free from it for 10 years now so hold on to hope. I noticed that you mentioned a lot of the issues I dealt with for years there is usually a cause...seeing a counselor, pastor or mentor may help you work through and discover the start. Praying for you and proud of you for reaching out! -Rachel

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Well I hope someday I can see an end to it and enjoy the little things. Glad you are doing better:)

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