Had a really great day!

I had a job interview today. I woke up very hopeful. Got up early had my coffee, enjoyed the nice morning, feeling like spring already. Kept a positive mind. Before I started back on my meds and getting the support and encouragement I have needed, I was isolating myself, having lots of negative thoughts and feelings. Slowly everyday has been getting better. There were 45 people that came to the interview, it was more like an audition. Out of 45, only 10 of us made the 2nd cut, I was one of them to have a one on one interview, they liked me so much, I got the job on the spot!! I was very happy and proud of myself, things like that make me more positive and help me get through my unhappy thoughts about myself. What a great day!!! I hope my friends here had a successful day as well. Thanks again for all the support!

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  • How awesome is that?/? To get a job against so many other competitors?! You must be flying high!! I guess you did everything right!! Did you do a little victory dance? Well, just do one now, humor me, ok? A 2 second dance. I can't see you anyway.

    I guess you'll be okay for awhile but your depression won't go away on it's own so please keep that appointment.

  • Haha yes I definitively did a victory dance! I feel great just hoping and praying everything will turn out positively.

  • Wonderful Britney, Amen!!!

  • That's awesome I am so happy for you 😃🏆🥇 sending u a virtual hug Beautyrae.

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