New here. I feel beat down right now. I quite my job of almost a year about a month ago. We got a new supervisor who was so unreasonable and overbearing I was on constant alert. He would remind me almost every day that I wasn't meeting goals and he would say things like I was letting the team down. Basically he made me feel like a burden and worthless. Before this supervisor I had no problems with any of my other bosses in this job. I lost weight despite eating my feelings. I couldn't sleep and if I did I would wake up to panic. So finally I cracked and couldn't stop crying at work. Which was the day I quite. Job searching is tough and can make you feel even more worthless. But I thought things were looking up because I have an interview this Friday. However, over the last weekend I got sick and now have laryngitis which means no voice. No voice for the interview tomorrow. I don't know what to do and I am seconds away from crawling into bed and never leaving it.

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  • *reaches a hand into the water and pulls your head above the surface*

    Hi there! I'm new here also. You are not alone! That sounds like a rough stretch to get through. I am 42 and have lived with anxiety for as long as I can remember. I can relate to how you are feeling right now. Do not give up hope. You can do this! If you haven't cancelled your interview, don't. If you aren't contagious or anything, definitely keep the interview. I feel like the employer would understand and appreciate you still meeting to talk (as best you can :) ) with them. I feel like it would show some of how much you want the job and appreciate the opportunity. Everyone gets sick. They know this and if you are upfront about it and stay positive in your interview regardless of your condition it will show strongly how solid your work ethic is. Either way, friend. It's okay. If this one doesn't work out another opportunity WILL come around. You've got this and you aren't alone!! Things are still looking up. There may be clouds in the sky but the sun is still up there shining it's heart out. You... Have... Got.... This! :) *Cheers you on*

  • Thank you for your kind words. I rescheduled the interview. the HR lady was very nice and my voice is coming back. thank you again.

  • You are very welcome. I'm glad you were able to reschedule. Best of luck at the Interview. You got this! :)

  • See that is a great sign- could be the start of something even better. We are all human. I had a supervisor who was just awful. I had gone back into a career where I was not the greatest fit. Anyway, a real micromanager- even made fun of me when I had eye operations.

  • I have had anxiety for as long as I can remember and am in my sixties.

  • I'm very sorry you're having a rough time right now. I honestly don't know what you should do about your interview and losing your voice. You could go like someone suggests and wing it and maybe your voice will be adequate or you could call and reschedule. I just don't have an answer or advice for you. When you call if you reschedule, your honesty will be noted because your voice will obviously not be normal. That's in your favor.

    Not addressed is your emotional well-being. Your emotions are too near the surface for you to do your job well. Have you had a physical exam lately? You need to do this and also mention your crying and emotions and troubles with your last job. There are several things that could be causing these problems including thyroid and vitamin deficiencies that need to be ruled out. You may be clinically depressed but these other things have got to be ruled out 1st.

    Please take this seriously and follow through to take good care of you. You are worth it! I hope to hear from you that you're doing better and tell me all about what was found to work for you, please.

  • I rescheduled my Interview. I am on two medications one daily for my anxiety. The other is for emergencies it's a seditive that allows me to relax and helps stop panic attacks. My emotions aren't too close to the surface. My boss was the problem he was a bully who focused on me and a few other newer people. he was a New supervisors with something to prove. He actually once told me anytime he speaks with me it's a warning. I had moved up to a different level and was still learning so asking questions was a must. He made this impossible by saying that. He even suggested I reschedule an important doctors appt. in order to work overtime. Once I had a fever of 103 so I called out from work and was reprimanded and told I should have asked for the day off before hand. As if I knew I would wake up with a high temp. I have a list a mile long of insanity that caused me to quite my job. As for the depression clinical no simply situational. I have a strong support system in my family. Most understand or suffer from anxiety themselves. Thank you for your support and suggestions.

  • That is great that you have such a supportive family. That makes it all worthwhile. Sounds like this former boss needs a good kick in the can. However, do not bad mouth as it helps to not break ties.

  • Think positive, don't let this get in your way, you never know when a great opportunity comes your way, let them know how dedicated you are as a person.


  • Thank you. I am trying to keep that exact thought in mind.

  • You have an interview- that is great! Why not e mail and mention about your voice, but that you want to come anyway. If they are interested enough, they will reschedule. This is out of your control.

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