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A new motivation

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So today I have made up my mind to get back on track in terms of the achievements and positive changes made during the past year.

For the first time in ten years maybe, I know what it's like to have good, understanding people behind me and I think it will be the thing that finally motivates me to get back to work.

All I did was work during my twenties, usually at least two different jobs with no genuine friendships or people I could relax around and felt like I had nothing to show for it, no friends, no family and certainly no special girl that cared so I just kind of gave up.

I realize now I need people in my life to give me a reason to work every day and make something out of myself again. It also helps to have people that, if I give up or stop working, will know and I HATE disappointing my friends.

Yesterday I got a ton of support which was amazing but it was also very scary and I find myself over analysing and trying to put experiences into tight, restrictive boxes when I should just be relaxing and enjoying human connection again. (If that makes any sense)

Thanks to all the great people I talked to yesterday. The hope of getting to know you guys better instead of running away makes me think I can stick with a full time job again and get myself out of this hole I dug for myself.

Anyone else ever go extended periods of not working/having friends?? We're you able to get back on the horse so to speak?

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I went a few years without working but I had reason not too.once I started working again I felt better in myself.i even made new friends along the way.

This is very inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

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I get the whole "no work/"no friends...Im a pro at it.Its not so bad once you get used to it and find other ways to get through your days.I found this and other communities on this website to help me.At least I know..here..everyone gets it and what I'm going through.

P.S. if you read some of my older posts/replies maybe it can help!!???!

BigChris407, Currently I am jobless and friendless but have recently decided to change my coping mechanism of smoking marijuana to change that some. I am glad you wrote this very open and honest post and will follow up on (hopefully the plethora of) replies of people who got out of it.

Anyway.... Cheers! To us getting out of our ruts!!!

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That's great that you are taking steps in a positive direction. The more we practice on here communication with each other, hopefully the more it will translate elsewhere.

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