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Does anyone have tips on dealing with anxiety in college? I've been thinking about moving into the dorms because the school is far from my house, but I've never had to deal with my anxiety and depression by myself. Do I need to tell the school about my mental health problems or is it more of a 'every man for them self' kinda thing? Sorry for being annoying.

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  • The school can't protect you in any way and it does seem "every man for himself". I was recently talking with someone who is particularly hurting from roommates and friends who are laughing and watching TV and ignoring her and her tears even though they all know each other and speak to each other. The others seem to be ignoring her after witnessing her have a panic attack and she is miserable crying in her room and hearing them laughing in the next room. She's trying to block out their sounds but she really can't.

    I believe it's a case of the 2 groups being too close for comfort because it's somewhat natural that the depressed person will not be a part of the happier crowd and tend to isolate and cry more often and it will hurt to hear non-depressed people's fun and laughter and it's also normal for the non-depressed to gather with other non-depressed persons and carry on as usual and not stop their usual activities and all try to help the 1 person who's depressed. But as roommates in college they are forced into too much closeness and their differences are crammed down the depressed person's throat and rubbed into her awareness, so to speak.

    If you're not anywhere near as depressed as this person, you may be just fine. But if this example alerts you to a problem, please think it over carefully and see what alternative makes the most sense for you. I wish you the best possible future including your college years!

  • Almost all universities and colleges have counseling centers that help students deal with transition, anxiety, stress, relationship issues, you name it. I encourage you to check out what your school has to offer. Most offer, say, 10 sessions for free and it's completely confidential. We have an entire page dedicated to college students that also has great resources.

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