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Hello my name is J! I am in my thirties and I have been going through a tough time in my life . Im a woman by the way . I'm grieving about my Dads death and has left me depressed . In addition I go through mood swings and pms. Actually I've been going through depression and anxiety for over a decade untreated. It's been a living hell for me. I joined this support group on a whim. I didn't want anyone to judge me. Anxiety has affected my health and social life tremendously . It has left me with scars and tears 😭 I'm afraid to go many places because I'm afraid that I might have a panic attack . It's been tough . I am a Christian and believe in God and Jesus Christ but I still struggle . I hope to get support friendship and hope through this online support group .

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Welcome! And Sorry to hear of your situation and your Fathers passing

Thank you 😊

You're Welcome!

so why do you not want to go see a doctor for your situation? Why do you choose to suffer needlessly?

I know I need to see a doctor πŸ‘¨β€βš•οΈ but I don't like taking medication . It's hard enough coming on here talking to a group of strangers and opening up to them with the fear of judgement . I don't know to be honest . I know I need to see one fast .

I have major depressive disorder. It has been rough for me for the last couple of years since I was discharged from the army. I gained a lot of weight. I am on meds and have been getting better slowly but surely. I had many addictions such as cigarettes but I've managed to quit now. At first I didn't want to see a doctor and go on meds but now I am glad I did. I am continuing to learn more about my disease and condition everyday. Running has helped me regain some confidence especially.

may I ask what it is about medication that you don't like?

Medication isn't the only way to treat anxiety and depression. Go to a therapist who will let you vent and work with you about what triggers it and what you can do to help you feel better. Also getting on a better diet and exercise will help! Take vitamins that will help. Exercise daily. Do yoga. Start a journal. Avoid caffeine and alcohol. Those are all things you can do to help deal with it without having to go on medication. :) hope that helps.

Thank you 😊

Welcome to the Group! I was afraid to take medications also. I first had trouble keeping track of what did what for my symptoms but once I got into a routine and have some that are for "as needed" they can be really helpful. I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Panic Disorder and the medications bring me out of some "blah" feelings and back up to a "normal" feeling. I find it difficult to leave the house also and it is symptomatic of Agoraphobia which goes hand in hand with panic attacks. Just the strain of being in public can bring on a panic attack so I know what you are feeling. I am just starting out on this journey also so I am interested in feedback anyone has.

Miss Anonymous, you really need to have your anxiety and depression treated. It can be done. The longer you go withouta help the harder it will be. There are many treatments that are inexpensive. panic attacks can be treated, you have to give it some time. I am Christian also and I believe God put therapy here to help us. Let us know.


Thank you 😊


You've come to a good place for help :)

Hey J, I wonder how it's been for you? how are things now? Are you OK?

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