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Hello, I am new here

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Hello everyone,

I am Stephanie, been serving in the Army for 15 years and I am a new member of the group. I have been diagnosed with depression, anxiety and adjustment disorder which I have been dealing with on and off for the last decade. I decided to join the group because I have seen mental health providers and LCSWs in the Army, but anytime we military members see them, they give u a medical diagnosis and our communication with them is basically not confidential and that information can be used when the government determines our suitability for a security clearance.

So, here I am wanting the support of peers and people who can understand what I go through because they go through similar situations and have the same conditions. I hope to connect with you all and get your support and provide support and a listening ear to my fellow group members.

16 Replies
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Hi stephy82, let me be the first to thank you for your service. Also would like to welcome you to this safe and secure support site. This is a group of men and women of all ages going through the same issues with mental health. We help each other by understanding, comforting and most of all caring.

Hope to talk soon. :) xx

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stephy82 in reply to Agora1

Thank you so very much for the warm welcome. One of the things that is difficult for service members is to accept shortcomings that relate to mental health, because the image we are expected to portray of strength being the defenders of freedom and all. I have tried to hold that tough Soldier image for long enough, I am now focusing on being mentally and psychological health more than an image that does not reflect me in truth.

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Agora1 in reply to stephy82

I agree with you in that it's now time for Stephy to take care of herself. It doesn't make you any less strong in my eyes, but human. x

I'm so glad you reached out to us. Let us know in how we may help you as we all share

our journey with mental health. You're never alone. xx

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Welcome to the group Stephy! This site is amazing and everyone is very understanding and will offer advice. We are all a fab bunch and always here when needed. Lotsa a love x

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stephy82 in reply to Miss-P74

Thank you Miss-P74, I look forward to connecting with others on this site. XOXO :)

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Just joined yesterday myself. There’s lots of people here including myself that want to provide that understanding and support. We know what you are going through!!

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stephy82 in reply to strongmom15

Thank you, I feel the warmth and love from you all already.

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Welcome to the site Stephy! Thanks for sharing your story. This site is awesome. It’s such a great place to talk and help others. The love and support is amazing. Anytime you wanna talk I’m here!

Thank you for serving our country ☺️ You must be a tough gal 😀 15 years! That’s a long time. My fiancé was in the service and deals with PTSD. I’m so proud of him though.

Depression stinks. I hope you are finding ways of coping. It’s nice to come to a place where people relate so much. You’re never alone. All the best 💜

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stephy82 in reply to MariaLove123

Thank you Maria, please ggive my thanks to your Fiancé and tell him to keep going. I am finding ways to cope and being here sharing and talking to you all is helping me get through it.

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MariaLove123 in reply to stephy82

That’s really sweet. I will definitely tell him that. I’m glad it’s helping to share and talk with us ☺️ There are numerous ways of coping. It’s all about trying until you find something that works!

Hi Stephy, I’m 39 and have suffered with mental health problems my whole life. It’s hard to put on that smiling confident face everyday and inside being a ball of fear and panic. I’m always free to listen and share.

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stephy82 in reply to

Lynn, your words encourage me. Thank you!

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As Agora1 said earlier, thank you for your service. :) I think that everything you are doing is brave - especially pursuing your health. Many, many good wishes to you, stephy82. 💖💖

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stephy82 in reply to LovelySnow

Thank you LovelySnow

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Hi Stephy82. I am new to this group also. I have been suffering from depression on and off for the last 30 years. It is sometimes difficult to just get through the day. It must be very hard for you. I very much admire you serving our country. I am wishing you strength, love, and support. It is comforting to know you are not alone. Stay strong!

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stephy82 in reply to Themightyquinn

Hello Themightyquinn, thank you. I am learning that depression is not a condition that is cured but is manageable. I look forward to hearing your experience in the last 30 years, because to me you are a strong warrior for drying in the fight for so long and be able to give your testimony on it.

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