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This is my first day and just learning how to get around on this online support community site ... I am challenged with PTSD, anxiety and depressive tendencies. Recently very reminded of my isolation from family and friends who do not understand me at all.. Anyone relate ? I am working on getting more social so I thought i would try here, too. Thanks in advance for any response from RealEyes

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  • I can relate. It's hard to be social when people don't PSTD, depression or aniexty. But when you there is always those people you come across at the right time , who total understand, and who are wiling to be there for you and support you no matter what.

    Hang in there and I hope you find some peace and comfort.

  • thank You MEH1 ... I am glad to have found this website as it has been really hard time lately. and, yes, some times people show up when we really need it - I appreciate your thoughts and peace n comfort your way, too. (:

  • Hi RealEyes!

    So you found us here! There are some great people here to talk to and help. Glad you made it! I'm sorry you have PTSD, anxiety and depression. They stink.

  • Hi BonnieSue - thanks for your response - life definitely has its challenges, at the same time I am hopeful to be here as i work hard on a daily basis to be more than the triple angst of life's early experiences! take good care of your self in these changing times, realeyes (:

  • Welcome I hope you can find some relief here. It is nice to be able to chat with people who can understand.

  • Yes! Understanding is like caring to me. I have gotten so isolated in my life due to many reasons and part of that is because those 'important' people in my life just did not have the time or energy to understand or even talk about it - sometimes because they were also deeply hurt and do not want to go there for themselves. Sad realities for many people, me included. I am glad to be here because there are folks here who are willing to take the time to explore the hurting and angst part of themselves and then reach out to others in sharing, which is not always easy for me, that is for sure. Thanks for your sharing 'Itsjustme' ... and, enjoy your weekend, realeyes :)

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