Newbie here: My two cents on taking breaks during stress provoking activities

I have observed something while taking breaks during tasks that are anxiety/stress provoking. If I use facebook or watch a video during this break I don't really feel any better, but if I go out for a small walk or sit in the sun for 5 minutes or make myself some green tea I feel much better and returning to the task is easier. It's about doing things that make me feel good about myself rather than those which I will count as a waste of time in the future. A break needs to be relaxing.

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  • Hello. I create my own anxiety...especially at work. I work in the health field and it's fast paced. I try to do all 100% and just don't take breaks. This only makes things worse because I feel no time to attend to my overwhelming emotions and needs to take care of me. Do you have any break ideas there? I was glad to see your post...realizing that I may just be normal.

  • Sorry for late reply!

    A break can help calming your nerves. It does that for me. As my post also mentions, there are many things you can do in 5 minutes: go for a stroll, read a newspaper, dance :P , sit and relax etc. For me, the key is to relax. So I avoid checking mail, facebook etc.

  • That is a very good tactic and I agree it can help getting away for "yourself" if only for a few minutes. Keep up the effort, now I just have to take your advice also.


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