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Hi everyone,

My name's Joana,29 from California. I've haf anxiety & depression for about 5-6 months now. It's been getting worse. An everyday struggle. My parents are divorcing after 30 years & I'm in middle of a possible break up (2 yr relationship) it has taken a toll on me. I need the strength to bare this. Any suggestions? I am finally seeking counseling in a couple days. 💓

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  • Hi Joana,

    Welcome! You are wise to seek counseling. I hope you and your counselor are a good match! I'm sorry to hear that your parents are divorcing and you are ending a long relationship. Both are tough things to live through. You definitely will benefit from some helpful counseling. I hope you are very gentle with yourself. Kind of baby yourself for awhile.

    I think you should see what your counselor thinks about whether you should go to a doctor regarding your months of being depressed and anxious. You've had these problems for a very long time now. 5-6 months is very long and past time for a doctor visit according to almost all sources. Something to think about.

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