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Hey all !! Im new to the group currently suffering anxiety... on a daily basis :/ ... i am randomly scared to eat at times and since i have asthma i get scared i will stop breathing or have random asthma attacks. Lately ive been having chest pains which has led me to think i could go into cardiac arrest .... silly i know since i visted two doctors that said i am ok...

I need tips on how to calm my Mind and stay focus ..

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Hi Jellyfish 21 !

Welcome to the board !

I have some of the same symptoms as you ! It is good to have a check up and even go to a cardiologist to make sure it is only anxiety .

I take antidepressants , attend a weekly support group for mental illness , have a Christian Therapist and keep myself busy when my kids are at school by working out and volunteering ! Books and podcasts about anxiety and mindfulness are also helpful. I also try to meditate using apps or YouTube videos !

I still struggle a lot but I also have many moments of joy !

Let me know how I can help ! 😊

Yes i also do alot of mediation ... especially at night . I have a hard time sleeping . I am currently in grad school so im constantly under stress...

Im trying to balance my life since i feel my anxiety has gotten worse :/

what helps me with anxiety is to let go. When I am hurt, or misunderstood, or overwhelmed I just "go away." I take a time out intellectually and emotionally. I refuse to worry anymore. With the hardest things I go into a false, but very effective, catatonia. I do not react at all. I do not let myself think about it. Time heals most things, and when time has worked it out I "come back." No hard feelings. I don't know if it will help anyone else....there is the dealing with issues thing, but I feel much better when I can banish it from my mind . That's what I do, I hope it isn't bad advice. I get strong when I withdraw for a time.

Thank you for your advice ! I try my best to not think negative and forgive . Its truly hard to stay positive! I will try my best starting this week to think happy thoughts and less negativity .

It is hard. I am new here too, but so far it is a comfortable place. I have only recently been diagnosed with PTSD, Agoraphobia, and anxiety/ depression. I probably have some different coping mechanisms since I carried it alone for so long. But I truly believe that whatever happens is what was supposed to happen.

Hi. I suffer bad from anxiety after years of domestic violence and torture. Most days I get overwhelmed and always feel misunderstood. I would love to be able to just get away.. but my mind don’t let me and then I end up burdening the ones I love with my stupid fears and questions. How do you find the mind set to just stop the noise in your head for alittle and finally breath!?

Trigger alert

When I was young and my father would get worked up and start yelling and beating us, I would sit in the corner, on the floor, and bury my head in a book. He would usually miss me down there. I was hurt less than the others by "going away" into a book, or into my own thoughts. It became habit to ..just go away.

I usually put on meditation music and sit still and try to think of nothing . Yes it is hard bc memories always seem to come in and out when youre trying to focus . But one thing i have done also is go to church . It puts me at peace being around people who are spiritual.

That would sound amazing if I wasn’t a single mom of two hell hounds lol. I have a one year old and four year old both girls. The father don’t see because of a pfa placement so there is no rest, break or quite

You have to put sometime aside for yourself . Maybe when they both sleep u can take that time to mediate for at least 15 min to get your thoughts together. I also encourage using a journal . That will help u clear your thoughts and feel at one with yourself .

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