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New to this support group!

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Hi all I’m new to this support community but it is comforting to know I’m not alone in my struggles with anxiety and depression. I’ve seen several stories I can completely relate to already. I’m hoping to find support and friendship with people who understand this horrible condition. I do often feel better when I talk about it but I don’t really have people in my life that are close to me that really understand. I have a great family and friends but sometimes I feel better talking to someone that isn’t familiar if that makes sense.

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Hi, I've been a part of this forum, actively anyway, for only a few months. The people are really good, they understand what each of us is going through. This is the only place I can talk, essentially. I've been there and done that and found that the only people who can relate are the people that experience serious depression and anxiety first hand. I'm not saying others can't but it's very rare as far as my experience goes. Anyway, people in here, myself included, definitely care about you and others that suffer.

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Thank you! That is why I decided to join. I felt as though I was bringing down my friends when I talk about my struggles and they don’t really know what to say to help. I know they love and support me but I’m hoping to get more support from those who also go through this and understand. I appreciate your kind words!

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Absolutely, and I think many people feel the way you do, myself included.

I so understand! Welcome to our very understanding group chats! Sometimes it helps just to know you're not alone in your feelings. Another great point is that it's 24/7. Someone will always be around to chat to.

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Thank you! Yes I’m glad I found this, now I don’t ever have to feel alone.

First welcome, secondly and most importantly DO NOT talk to family and friends about what your going through, no they don't understand and want you to get over it ASAP because it frustrates them because of their lack of understanding. They will isolate you like people in my life have. Even my own kids, when we are out together I'm told how to behave. So I pretend everything's fine. That's what you'll need to do to keep your relationships. No Kidding, seek counciling or come here no one will judge you cause we're All in the same Boat

Thank you. My family and friends have been supportive in the best way they can they just don’t understand so I’ve not really let them in very much about my struggles. I do often have to pretend I’m ok. I’m just glad everyone here gets it!

I'm glad for you, try to not involve them too much. As much as they seem supportive. They can turn on you and say ENOUGH. I had a friend of 40 years who we stopped speaking and my own kids have isolated me. So be aware, you'll start to notice the change. Or let them see this website and they can see what we're going through?

Welcome to the group. You will definately find support and understanding here.

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Thank you I appreciate that!

Welcome to the community. I see you’ve already been embraced by a few members of the group. It’s a good place to come where we can share our struggles and victories with people who understand. Telling “an earth person” that I’m proud that I got out of bed today has them looking at me like I have three heads. But the folks here applaud my efforts. Keep posting and let us know how you’re doing.

Thank you! I completely understand the little victories we celebrate. Just yesterday I went to the new Dollar Tree store in our town with my mom. I was anxious at 1st because I really haven’t been getting out to do anything but necessities. But we bought our Christmas wrapping supplies and a few other goodies and I was proud of myself for not bailing out on her. Of course I kept my proud moment to myself.

Good for you. During my year and a half breakdown, I couldn’t even use getting out of bed to measure success. Breathing became my benchmark. Baby Steps.

Welcome. Your in the right place, I’ve only been a part of this community a sort time but have found the kindness and support amazing. I totally agree with you about friends and family. While they obviously love you and want to help it’s difficult for them. Mine feel they have to fix me, which sadly they can’t. For me it’s about empathy, people who understand and are experiencing the same thing.

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I agree. My family is great but I’ve never really told them everything I’ve gone through mentally. They know I struggle with anxiety and panic attacks. I actually highly suspect my dad does as well but he doesn’t talk about it and is one those people that say “suck it up buttercup” while I know he means well that kind of comment is not helpful in the midst of anxiety. So I don’t talk about it much around them. So I find myself lying about why I can’t stay long or can’t go do things when I’m feeling anxious instead. Ugh

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So with you there. I had my brother staying last week and I’m the end I got pretty angry with him. He has had depression once for a short while and feels he know all about it. What works for him doesn’t for me. That’s what wonderful about this community. They understand and empathy’s and don’t tell you what you need to do. There’s also a wealth of experience. Like you I’m very selective who I talk to about my mental health, not that I ashamed but it’s the lack of understanding. We can recover and become stronger people. “ Suck it up buttercup”would do my head in! Hope to see you around and take good care of yourself 💓x

You are not alone! At times it can feel as if you're going insane, though know that some days will be better than others.

Remember to breathe!

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Yes some days are better than others, I try really hard to remind myself of good days when I’m having a bad one. That way I know I can get back to that good place. I definitely have felt like I was losing my sanity several times, my therapist said that the very fact I was questioning my sanity indicated I was Not Going crazy.

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Stay strong! I'm rooting for you!

One of my coping mechanisms when I am out in public and feel anxious is to pretend that everyone else is just as anxious as me.

If I asked them I'd probably be correct.

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Agreed. A lot of people are good at hiding it like we are!

I'm wondering if anyone has said to you 'its not physical, it's spiritual'. I'm a believer but am also taking meds for more help which causes me to wonder if I am hindering prayers for healing.

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Sorry I’m just seeing this I had been feeling so much better getting everything out there I’d stayed off for a few weeks. Unfortunately the holidays are triggering me again. Not sure why though as I don’t recall any particular bad holiday. Maybe it’s the stress of having to socialize and the constant reminder I’m still single lol. But to answer your question I’m a Christian and I’ve definitely prayed a lot about this but sometimes we need help that is why the good lord provided us with physicians and medication or that’s my opinion. My doctor which has actually prayed over me in her office with my permission of course has said mental health is just like any other health issue we might take medication for like high blood pressure or diabetes which I have both. I don’t take anything for this condition on a regular Basis but I do have Ativan I take as needed. She has prescribed lexapro but I never started taking it.

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