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Work anxiety

I start a new job tomorrow and I'm getting very anxious about it. I'm not even out of high school and this is the third job in less than a year because of my anxiety. My first was at a movie theater and I didn't last a month. I actually really enjoyed the job and had fun working with customers but on my first holiday I had to work I freaked out and broke down and instead of just taking a break from work o called in and told them I was quitting. My second job was at a local grocery store and I was to handle the carts, I didn't last a day....I got there and it was pretty okay at first but then doubting thoughts came through. And we went on break and I went to the bathroom and lost it. I sobbed and texted my dad to come and get be but he couldn't so I told him to call my manager. I composed myself went out to work until my manger called me in and lost it once more in front of her. I couldn't even cry properly just heaving sobs. They told me I could leave work that day and try another day. So I left and didn't go home for hours having everyone worried and I never went back to work. Anyways this is getting long. I'm so scared something like that will happen again. This new job is fairly easy and I've been going to therapy to help. But I still can't help but feel I will breakdown like before and disappoint everyone. I don't want it to happen again and fa

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When I was in school I had social anxiety disorder and actually quit school at 16 because of it. I eventually got my GED and am now in college. Im a late bloomer with my education. I love school now. But I recall a few jobs I had as a teen and really suffered because of my anxiety problems. I think that others might not have a clue how hard it can be to just hold a job with these issues. I didnt have forums to reach out to. Im glad you do. You arent alone. That helps to know. Id say keep talking it out. Get drs you like and get educated about meds if you decide to take any or already are. You need to be in control of your health care with this issue. That will empower you. I still have anxiety sometimes.Some people have more sensitive wiring. And it's ok.

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How much do you want to bet that if you didn't think about breaking down at the job you never would? That it's all about making something happen because you are thinking about it?

You have too much anxiety for everyday life. You need to see a doctor--a GP or internist or a psychiatrist for anxiety. You need to be on a medicine that reduces your anxiety closer to normal so you don't do this to yourself anymore. Until you get that straightened out it's going to be hard to do a good job or stay employed. Once you get treated and comfortable you should be all right. Why not get that done asap? It would also help you to get counseling for this as it's not normal and you need to learn and understand life with an anxiety problem. There's a lot to know. Please think about it for your sake.

Take care and enjoy your life!!


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