Need some advice - Anxiety is stopping me from traveling alone

I will make this quick. I have always traveled alone, to other states, into unknown areas and to a second small place I have out in the country. For some odd reason I can not bring myself to do any of that now. I plan a trip, get my gear ready and then I become so anxious I can not do it.

I have no problem with anything in the city where I live and will go anyplace but when it comes to heading out of town, to do something I have done a million times before, it just scares the heck out of me.

Any advice out there?

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  • If I was you, I'd go see my general practitioner and explain my problem. Hopefully he/she can prescribe something for nerves and anxiety to get me through leaving town. I'd only use it for that reason and that would condition me to not be afraid to leave after many times of doing this without much fear--the process is called desensitization.

  • had anything happened recently to make you want to stay closer to home? Did you feel unsafe in a situation? Anxiety usually pops up for a reason, even if you don't know what it is. Did this ever happen before? If you have a therapist talk to them about it. Or decide to take some baby steps trips to help you expose yourself to the anxiety. I hope this was some help.


  • Ddorne, thank you for the advice. It may hinge on the fact that last time I went away to a remote location I did not feel well and I know that my anxiety kicks up when I even have a bad cold. To make matters worse I was pinned down at the cabin I was in during a bad two day winter storm. Finally my drive home over the roads that had been impacted took 7 hours instead of the normal 4. I did not think of this until you mentioned it. Thank you and I will try "baby steps" to get myself moving again.

  • I have trouble driving more than 20 miles and I have a problem with driving on highways. I can make it as far as the airport and I can fly places but driving is difficult. I used to love to drive and now unless there is someone with me I get very scared.

  • When my anxiety first manifested itself 14-years ago, it was in the form of driving. I was convinced my car would fly off the road or that oncoming cars were closer than they were when another driver was passing a car. I started on paxil and thankfully, that no longer happens, so find a doc and look for some help.

  • Thanks for mentioning Paxil. I'm starting it tonite. I hope it works.

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