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My anxiety prevents me from leaving my house

I believe I am suffering from PTSD after I left my previous job. I live in a very small town and I have extreme anxiety when I leave my house. I am scared I will run into any of the people I used to work with. I wont go out and run errands unless it is during work hours when I know there is a less likely of a chance to see them. I have been actively searching for jobs and I have had a few interviews but it is becoming increasing harder to apply much less interview because all my professional experience is from my previous jobs and it gives me flashbacks. Any suggestions on how I can better manage my anxiety?

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hi Pantherauncia

I know what it is like to go out and hope you don't come into contact with people you have worked with.

I cant avoid 3 horrible,ignarant,selthish women who I worked with.

I take my granddaughter to school each day,I worked in kitchen there,but due to some dirty habits of there's I left.

I see them every day,I try not to look at them.

its so hard,ive had a couple of panic attacks WHEN I get-out of sight,I try not to give them the satisfaction they want.

just gotta be brave,even if its just cover for you.

take care,don't let them win.

take care 😊


Hi Pan and Lizzy, Any time you alter your behavior because of fear or judgement from someone else they have already won. These horrible mean women are in control of your lives to an extent and as long as you give in to it, it will only get worse. So what can you do? What is the very worst thing that could happen ? If this were my problem I would have a hard time because I'm not aggressive, but in this case I would make myself be. It is ok to be afraid, fear doesn't have to stop you. I think I would be quite rude to them so they would never bother me again. I would say ' you are evil, mean, and horrible. NEVER speak to or look at me again.' It will be a nine days wonder and then disappear. If you are uncomfortable with ,this write a letter ,or a personal ad in your paper if it's allowed. Never apologize, the fault lies strictly with them.

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Hi, thanks for your responses. It's nice to know other people get the same anxiety. My problem extents beyond this. I cannot stand up for myself, which is why I left. My profession is very competitive and therefore I am easily replaceable since I am only at the entry level. My old bosses can easily use thier network and prevent me from getting another job. And the biggest thing is I honestly wouldn't put it past them. (I know this is apart of anxiety but my boyfriend agrees that they would take those steps.)


Also, my landlord's family also worked for my company as high ranking people... I could get kicked out of my house.


OMG, I can see I may have to swim across the pond.


I was feeling my reply was a little harsh, but now I'm thinking it's no more than they deserve. You have to protect yourself though so maybe you do need to avoid them . There will be another day and another job. I am sorry you have to go through this plus anxiety. You will become stronger. Pam


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