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Finally seen a phyciatrist yesterday. My Effexor had pooped out -after 2 months of lexapro not working back on Effexor 37.5 9 days side effects it worked for 11 days and down hill again. Upped it to 50 the next day I felt so much better not perfect but better - it was like my brain said thank you after 6 days upped it to 62.5 8 days of feeling worse. So yesterday the phyciatrist suggested to go back to 50 that 6 days was not long enough but he changed my dosing from me taking my med at night to 25 at supper and 25 in morning. I woke up this morning feeling aweful!!! This split dose is not going to work. He said all of his patients but one take it in AM .he said immediate release usually two times a day . My thought , I have taken at night for twelve years with no problem and in one dose no problem why change something that is not broken - the problem is this darn med that pooped out and trying to get it to work again . Wish I never went up to 62.5 and gave 50 more time. I will say I'm med sensitive and a low dose has always worked for me first 6 years 25 next 5 years 37.5 then it pooped out.

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  • Has anyone lowered dose after 8 days and did you feel worse?

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