Empty house

Hi everyone. I'm new to the site. My fiancé just stated during our therapy session that he wants to "move on". He feels as though he's lost touch with himself and our relationship isn't good for him. This is something we have been struggling with. I do not want this but he deserves to be happy. We want to do this in the best way possible. I want him to slowly move out but still come by to check on me and stuff. I've never lived alone. He gets to go live with his parentsamd have their support and I'm left with an empty house full of memories and no one here to comfort me. Can anyone relate? Advice? Thank you. I'm a mess right now.

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  • You need support and I don't know where you'd get it except through counseling. Do they have groups that meet who've broken up with their BFs? One-on-one counseling would be very good for you right now. You can go on the website of Psychology Today and see a picture of a counselor and read her philosophy, education, specialities, how she charges, and so on.

  • I have a therapist I could see. It's just that I feel like I want to avoids "home" but at some point I gotta face it

  • Yes, unless you don't want to live there anymore or you want to advertise for a roommate. But you still have to go through adapting to the changes...meaning to face it. You're right. But it's a little easier with someone new around.

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