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So I have a question so my fiancé left me recently abs also I'm in a very stressful college program. I was so excited to get my acceptance letter word hard to get into the nursing program ever since I got I into the program my anxiety has gotten horrible. Now my fiancé left me end of November and things I just don't know this to deal. Now my anxiety has gotten worse she was like my safe person any suggestions on how to deal with my stress and anxiety attacks I get several a day.

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Guided meditation for relaxation. Youtube has some good ones to relax and let that stress work away. Exercise and physical activity release endorphins which elevate mood.

I say that because anxiety is normal under stress. You didnt say panic attacks which if you get several a day you should seek a psychiatrist and a psychologist/therapist to help you. the above will still help but it would take a very long time to type what to do in every situation with panic.

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Thank you so much for the advice


You can go to your school's health center for advice. You should also talk to your advisor and let them know what is going on. You don't want to get removed from the nursing program.


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