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How to deal with rising anxiety during the day


Over the past several months I've noticed that I my anxiety increases over the course of the day. I don't always sleep well, often I have high-anxiety dreams and they cause me to wake up multiple times per night. I don't have to be up super early so at least I get enough rest. Once I'm up I'm fairly energized and optimistic but by 2p I see the time and my anxiety level rises.

Something happens, I should be happy the day is more than half over but I get lost thinking about everything wrong in my life, my mistakes, poor decisions, bad time management, questioning if people like me, etc. This continues through the evening, when the house gets quiet and I can't go to bed because I'm so wound up with my thoughts, worries and anxiety. It's a cycle I want desperately to break. I've had some success with CBT but when I'm in session I zero in on one thing (often not what is really bothering me), and I just can't afford it.

Anyone else have this kind of escalating anxiety as the day goes on? Have you found any relief or strategies to deal?

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Have you try meditation

HamOnRye in reply to Hidden

Yes, I do make time to meditate and do yoga. While I love them, and wouldn't stop, they have not had a big impact on my anxiety.

Catwoman227 in reply to HamOnRye

I've tried but with anxiety it's hard to concentrate. I'll keep trying. Thanks.

Agora1 in reply to HamOnRye anything else in life, in order for it to be a success, we must make a daily commitment with meditation and deep breathing. 3 times a day is not too much, morning, afternoon and night. 5-10 min meditations are available on YouTube to be used whenever you just start to feel uneasy. It's not about waiting until you are in the throws of anxiety. It must be nipped in the bud before those feelings start to escalate. Meditation along with positive affirmations can make you void of anxious feelings.

What we can do on our own, costs nothing. Self hypnosis can help in getting those positive talks deep inside your subconscious so that you are always ready in having the control over your emotions. Deep Breathing properly is also important, with practice it can immediately turn anxiety into peace and calm.

Finding what works best for you is the answer. When anxiety makes it's presence you won't even have to think twice, your mind will immediately take over in all that you taught it. xx

I have some of the same problems... especially letting the day go without getting anything done. Then I feel guilty about wasting time. It's a vicious cycle. Lately, I have been doing better by writing down small lists of what I need to accomplish for the day. Having a big list is overwhelming and stressed me out to the point I didn't want to touch it so I procrastinated all day. Then I was mad at myself for doing it. During the night, I get so stressed about these things that I clench my teeth and now I'm having problems with my jaw. The small lists have been helping. 3 things that are a priority for the day. You can't get everything down in one day so don't try to. You will just let yourself down and it'll happen again tomorrow. I keep saying to myself tomorrow I'll wake up early and be refreshed and get things done. Then the morning comes and I don't want to get out of bed. I've been forcing myself lately... but I also let myself "be lazy" from time to time without punishing myself or feeling guilty. It has been a work in progress and I really struggle but it's slowly improving.

HamOnRye in reply to mlm1202

Thanks mlm. Your message hit home. I do have large lists and they do weight heavy on me. This is something that I really should work on. I'm not sure I can limit it to 3, I currently use only regular size post-its (3"x3") and fill up one per day; looking back at them there are 12-15 things on each. The list helps soothe the fear of forgetting but it is also a terrible task-master. And yes, procrastination! I have 2 to-do's that I've put off for 6 months - and they weigh so, so heavy on me. Not sure I'm ready for "lazy" time yet - something I'm more afraid of than anything - but one step at a time I guess.

Thanks for the solid advice, I feel less alone just reading your message.

I have similar anxiety issues to what you mentioned. Waking up, anxiety dreams and then rising anxiety throughout the afternoon hours. So far, I am doing my best to manage with my medications and mindfulness. (Lunesta for sleep doesn't stop me from waking up, but I'm not waking up in a panic anymore. My rescue med is Klonopin, which I have been taking in the afternoons as well as taking the opportunity to get up from my desk for breaks. Even if it is just walking to the break room or driving to the post office. It helps a little.)

Thanks for sharing. Yes, I do take medication for both my anxiety and sleep but I'm sensitive to side effects; both can give me a major hang-over and make me lethargic. So, I keep my dose low to ward off side effects but I may need to revisit; I'm also trying to take less meds in general. I'll keep the meds in mind.

I've been having the same problem. I have anxiety all day,can't concentrate,have no appetite. Im not sleeping well. I need advice also. Any advice How I can handle this?

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