Hi there?

I'm new on here, I'm a nursing student and I suffer from anxiety and depression. I also have a bit of a substance abuse issue which only makes matters worse. I realized I needed help when I picked the skin on my fingers around my nails so deep they got infected and I can't sleep or go outside without feeling insanely anxious. I just want to talk to people going through the same thing

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  • Have you went to see a dr yet?

  • Yes

  • I pick my lip a lot and also anxious and depressed. I like sleeping and struggle to do every day tasks. Are you seeking help?

  • I just signed up for a therapist

  • I'm also in nursing school and that's what I believe is my trigger it's high intensity of stress!!! I can relate

  • Hi there. It is critical to get rid of your susstance abuse. I walked down that road almost 20 years ago & therapy, medication or anything else you try to manage anxiety or depression will not work while you are self medicating. I totally get what you are saying. Then, I would have done anything to stop the rollercoaster. Booze gave me instant relief & I got to like it a lot. Unfortunately, it is a major depressant and induces anxiety. It was hard to wrap my head around how I would feel the next day when I was wondering how I was going to get thru the next 5 minutes. I urge you to see your doctor and be totally honest with him/her. Doctors would be surprised if you didn't do booze or drugs. Even if you don't tell your doctor, believe me, they already know. You may be quite surprised at the understanding & support you get from your doctor. I know I did & what a relief it was to let someone else take the drivers seat until I could get feeling better. No medication will work while you use other substances. It was a painful journey for me to get past that & start managing my life better. Not to say that I don't have the odd time when I just need to check out with a bottle of wine. I get worn down. I also know that I am going to pay for it the next day. So, I rarely do that anymore. If your doctor doesn't "get it", drop that doctor like a hot potato & find one that is on the same page as you. You mentioned you are a student so I am going g to take a leap and quess you are young. Take care of this NOW! I am 60 & have only in the past few years got the anxiety & depression under some control. Good luck!

  • Before you address your anxiety you need to address your substance abuse issue. Whatever u are taking may cause more anxiety or be causing it. Many medications have an addictive quality to them so it is imperative that u address the underlying reasons for the substance abuse. Be completely honest with your Dr. about this issue and they can give u a good course of action. I was on klonopin for almost 20 years and just recently tapered off of it. From being on it for so long my body became dependent on it and now I have some neuropathy in my arms and legs. My neurologist is trying to find the best way to help. Just be careful with everything and try to keep yourself well. I know it is hard. I will get better.

  • Please, please get some help for your substance abuse issue. If it is alcohol I know first hand how hard it is to come out on the other side. It took me a long time to figure out that the alcohol was dulling all my emotions. Once I became clean and sober the hard work really began. I have had to learn how to live with this illness. It is so worth the effort! Go to your doctor. Discuss medications and know that you aren't alone!

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