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Severe Panic Attack

Hello, I am suffering from a severe panic attack. I have schitzo affective disorder and am looking for support. I have a psychiatrist and three therapists. My name is Mitchell Marks and my phone number is 954-279-9669. My email is innercitycredit@yahoo.com. I also am on facebook. Just text me on facebook and I will contact you. Please - I need some help.

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I don't know how to text you on FB. Since you chose to write here I hope you can get a message here. Then tell me how to text you on FB. What do you need? You have 3 therapists? And you still need help? Help of what kind? I'm also going to text you on your phone. I'll see what adventure that provides! Take care.


Hello - I tried to call you this morning. Yes, I have three therapists and I still have panic attacks. I had one yesterday that tried to kill me. Thank you for your reply. My phone number is 954-279-9669. God Bless You. MITCH.

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Maybe you called before I was up? I got up at 8:15 or so, but I only slept about 3 hours and will have to go back. I can try to call you when I get up next. How about that? Are you trying to connect to someone for the socializing? To talk to someone who isn't a therapist? I know plenty about anxiety and how miserable it feels.


May I ask what happened with your therapist? I'm impressed that you have three therapists. I had a heck of a time finding one that I felt was a good fit. Lol.

Anyway, I'm guessing you're no longer in crisis. Panic attacks like that are terrible. It took me years find what worked for me. Initially, education was the key. I learned that panic attacks will not kill you, overtime I learned my triggers, and could identify very early on when I was about to have one. For me, as soon as I feel my hands get clammy and my feet get sweaty, I need to get up and do something physical, but simple (washing dishes or folding laundry. Have you been able to find anything that works for you?


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