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My anxiety has been bad I'm taking a leave from work. Trying to get into someone is almost impossible . This time around I had started a new dr close to me and wish I never did this. She is going to send me to a phyciatrist which is good I have not heard back from them yet but she said no to a dr note I have only seen her one time did not ask to see me again but is sending me for blood tests tomorrow. This has been going on too long started oct 11 tried different med didn't work after 2 months they put me back on old med that had pooped out . 9 days of side effects then 11 days feeling good now back to 7 days not feeling good. I hope the phyciatrist can get me in soon

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Yes, I hope the psychiatrist can get you in soon, too. Did you tell the office staff that you're willing to take a new patient cancellation app't.? You may have short notice but it may get you in very much sooner.


Yes I told them I would take cancellation. Appointment march 8 th and hopefully will have geno site testing done. Dr put me on buspar starting today I'm thinking to tide me over until appointment. The new dr I went to in my town is a joke she seen me once and when I called there Monday she didn't even say to come in . (Even after I said how bad I felt) still no word from phyciatrist here that they were supposedly getting me into.maybe there is a reason I'm suppose to go to the one farther away.

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It does make you wonder, doesn't it?


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