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Anxiety/Panic Battle

I have been dealing with moderate anxiety and panic attacks got approximately 10 years now. I am an extensive worrier and obsessive compulsive about pretty much everything I do, basically a perfectionist. For years I have been ashamed and embarrassed by my anxiety, which usually fed into the panic attacks. I still struggle with an internal battle that I should be able to control this. I have been to many different therapist and most recently tried a psychologist. I believe therapy helps, as I found coping techniques and reassurance from the counselors. The most recent therapist, suggested lexapro to help, but did not push it on me which I liked. I do not like taking medication, and but I feel like this anxiety is taking over my life. I am prescribed Xanax but I hate taking them and go through about 20 .5mg a year.

My panic attacks are very unpredictable and I may go month or so without having one. My anxiety seems to be on a constant level of "alert" and easily elevated for variety of reasons. This is not my whole story, but I just joined this group because of aminenity I hope to find answers and maybe help others in some way.

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IMHO you can best help others when you've reach a reasonable state of wellness yourself. Then your journey will be one you can look back at and reflect on where you best accomplished your growth as well as your mistakes. I believe it's a mistake to keep having panic attacks when you can normalize your mental health by taking medicine in a set pattern. There are antidepressants that help significantly with anxiety. Like Lexapro. But please let a psychiatrist determine that.

Being a self admitted worrier and an OCD perfectionist isn't something to be proud of. I've had to work hard at letting go of my perfectionism myself. It's not easy but can be done. My home is proof. I have 2 rooms that are very messy. I intentionally leave other messes at times to train myself not to strive to be perfect. It can be done. My OCD is gone due to meds, I'm glad to say!

Having panic attacks stresses your circulatory system and your heart as your blood pressure shoots up very high. Your cortisol levels shoot up and there's a whole chemical and physical chain reaction to danger and a perceived threat to your whole body. It's not good for this to happen with regularity. I urge you to consider making an appointment with a psychiatrist to consider an antidepressant for control of your anxiety and any depression you may have. The 2 problems usually occur together. Take care and please, write back so we know how you're doing.


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