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Hi I' ve had depression for years and about 3 years ago after i gave birth to my son it became even worse. I wasnt getting any sleep, had high blood pressure, and started to become paranoid of everyone around me. These feelings have never left but have lessened a little. My blood pressure lowered but went back up after my son started having night terrors when i went back to school (college). And is now back to normal (blood pressure). But now im kinda waiting to see if there are any developmental issues he might hve after he attends another appointment. And my depression and paranoia is getting worse. I just dont know what to do. What do I do?

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If I was you, I'd get an appointment fast with a good psychiatrist. You don't have time to lose getting help. Ask around, including the doctors you and your son go to, who they recommend for psychiatry. Have people you know ask their doctors. Check reviews online. Also check for a child psychiatrist at the same time jic your son needs one. It can't hurt. But you need one now to treat the depression and paranoia asap. Also check on a good counselor, a PhD or LMHC. Just a good one despite the credentials. The psychiatrists tend to manage the meds only and the counselors handle the therapy. Only the occasional psych Dr. can do therapy but I don't know about child psych Drs. It's worth asking about.

I hear your concern and you're right on target. Just don't forget about yourself. You need care, too. You don't say what kind of appointment your son is going to, so I apologize if I repeated anything about appointments.

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I'm sorry to hear how difficult life is for you right now. It was extremely overwhelming for me when my son was 3 and needed neuropsych testing. My husband (now ex) had left me with our 2 kids (3 and 1) so I had to manage everything alone. Having a medical background and diagnosed with depression/anxiety, I knew that there would be "challenges" with my son. Fortunately, I had maintained contact with my therapist which allowed a place for me to vent my concerns and fears. I was also referred at the same place to a therapist for my son at the time.

You state that you've had depression for 3 years or so, I hope that means you've seen a doctor and maybe agreed to treatment? If not, please do that now. You want to be healthy and strong should your child need additional services. My son required a lot of additional services which were exhausting. I'm not sure how I would've coped without the help of my therapist.

Best wishes!!

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Hello - I can't add the the two fabulous responses above.

I just want to let you know that with the correct treatment, usually medication and talking therapy, you will feel better soon.

I know how hard lack of sleep is. My twins are 3.5yts and now just starting to sleep through. The exhaustion has been unbearable sometimes to the point my whole body hurt. It did cause depression and anxiety. I didn't seek help straight away, I wish I did. I am feeling better now on an antidepressant. I'm in the UK and it takes a long time for talking therapies here as mental health is really under-resourced. CBT is usually what is offered which doesn't suit everyone.

Anyway, please see your doctor, preferably a Psychiatrist, as soon as possible.

Hang on in there; things will improve for you. Be kind to yourself. I am better ar being like that now, even though it's hard.

Sending you a big hug too.

Much love ❤️

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