Sleepless in California

Just a general question for those with anxiety and depression. Are you tired all the time? I am finding myself exhausted all day, every day. Like to the point it takes extreme effort to just shower and get ready for work. Recently I feel asleep in my car when I got to work, and ended up being late (so embarrassing lol). Thank goodness for my co-worker who came and woke me up. I just don't know if this is normal? Also any tips to help wake me up would be so greatly appreciated. Thanks, Love & Light~

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  • I would def have some blood work done, could be low potassium, iron, sugar or maybe any meds you might be on.. Good luck!

  • Thank for the response :) I've had several things checked and they all come back fine. The only thing I could attribute it to is all of my meds. And unfortunately I need the meds desperately. I'll keep searching, thank you again for responding :)

  • If you are on antidepressants, they can make you super sleepy! As in tasks such as making a cup of tea, or sandwich are exhausting. They either knock the wind out of you and make you super tired, or in my case, make me have insomnia! You should try some things like vitamins, and something like "berocca boost" (may not be in your country) that help give you energy throughout the day! Also eat some carbs for breakfast to give you energy also! AVOID energy drinks such as Redbull! As tempting as it is, have some fruit instead! You don't want to get addicted to them! Hope this helps! 😊

  • Hi :) Thank you for the words of encouragement. I do take several antidepressants, which is probably the main cause. However I can't not take them. I think I will give Berocca Boost try, thanks for the recommendation. Thank you again so much for your thoughtful words. Love and Light~

  • No problem at all! :)I know, I am the same! I was awake all night so I was the opposite. I hope it does help! Or even go back to your doctor and tell them how sleepy you are, they should be able to help fix it! :)

  • Maybe meds are causing the tiredness, maybe you are just exhausted, are you looking after yourself. Are you sleeping well? Exercise helps with energy levels. Are you eating well? Start with the basics (diet, exercise, sleep habits, social interaction) and if these are all in place then maybe the meds are causing the tiredness.

  • I am beginning to think it is the meds, so I'm going to try taking them at night, instead of first thing in the morning, hopefully that will help some. Thanks you for your kind words and response. Love & light~

  • I'm exhausted every day and I work out religiously. Never was a good sleeper too. Some nights I get four hours and some I get seven. Take advantage of your employer's EAP Program.

  • Sorry to hear that you aren't sleeping well either :(

    What is an EAP program?

  • Employee Assistance Program. It's free through your employer.

  • You might want to look into whether you have a sleep disorder? It took years but my psychiatrist recommended a sleep study and I found out I have obstructed sleep apnea! It's only mild but enough to exacerbate my depression. There are some treatments like meds and c-pap machine. It's worth looking into.

  • Are you on meds that are making you tired? I get tired from my antianxiety meds. It could also be the depression. Talk to your Dr. about it. God bless


  • Thank you for your kindness and understanding :) I plan to talk to my Dr. at my next appointment. Love & Light

  • Constantly....

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