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Another sleepless night in Ga


I need a job want a job but it's very hard finding one that would suit me in my current situation, my mental state and physical. I feel so worthless and weak because I can't keep a job due to my situations either the jobs are stressful or I don't feel good most of the time so I have to quit soon after. I just don't know what else to do or where to turn. I am tired of not being able to get what we need at times. U need money to buy food etc it makes me more depressed when I can't buy what we need.

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What about work as a carer?that can be very rewarding and makes you feel useful and appreciated?

Darknlovely504 in reply to Hidden

I used to work in the medical field as a cna I stopped in 2008 because it's a stressful job but I do like helping others I just need to find job that's not so stressful. I did go back to school I have A bachelor's degree in addiction counseling so I'll see but my health hasn't been good the last 4yrs that's y I'm not able to do what I need to

I and many here have worked at call centers, also I applied to every temp agency I could....often these temp jobs can lead into full time employment.

Hi! I know that working with children can be fulfilling. It helps to get hugs and have someone tell you that you are wonderful. Also, I feel that when I am upset or depressed it helps to go to church and be around people who will pray for me. Try it! It might be just what you need!


Darknlovely504 in reply to hrow

Hi I will try both thank u

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