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I need to run!


I am new and I am a little bit scared! I joined this page because I am going through an anxiety due to the fact that I am trying to end my marriage.. I have been married for 9 years but he cheated on me and after I realized it I "forgive" him but some how I ended up doing extreme things for him. One was allowing him to be with his lover and now I feel I want to run away but I can't and I am looking for help because I want to take that step. but I am afraid I am not going to be able to do it...

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Whoa, you need a counselor asap! No wonder you are feeling bad. No one has to live in an unhappy marriage. If it is worth saving go to a marriage counselor together. If he won't go, you go alone! You are worth it! Blessings


Many people can be scared about being on their own again after devoting your life to someone - especially almost a decade! Be proud you reached out here. Baby steps. YOU DESERVE BETTER. Talk out whatever you need go with us, but get a counselor and a lawyer in my opinion. He may continue to take advantage of you in other ways if you don't. I'm no marriage counselor, but don't be a doormat! You really do deserve someone to treat you with respect. Just my opinion. You can talk to me anytime, ok? Positive vibes headed your way. You are strong enough to do what is best for you!


Nirstressed, I think you need the help of a therapist or counselor to help you realize you want out. Don't be scared if you need to do this. Is your husband remorseful ? I can imagine the pain you are going through.


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