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Hello everyone, my condition getting worse when I moved out of state in 2012 to live In California. Life, people, family culture and relationships here are very difficult for me to adapt I felt so alone with the situation. I thought my depression and anxiety been gone after my divorce year of 2000. When I get upset or worry on something, I started getting anxiety attack such as uncontrollable body shaking, night terror and uncontrollable emotional. I just stop taking medication few months ago thought medication didn't help and work myself through without medicine, but my symptoms still up and down, I'm not sure what is wrong with me? Am I development bipolar? I felt hopeless and alone. Please advise....

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There are different kinds of medications out there, so maybe those exact ones weren't working for you. What type of situations do you notice trigger the anxiety? I know when I'm having anxious thoughts I try to control my breathing (inhale as much as you can, then exhale as much as you can, slowly) as it at least starts the relaxation process, and then I do self-talk to get through it more. "I am fine. I am ok. I will get through this." Those are just general, but they can be turned to the specific situation as well. It doesn't sound like bipolar to me, but I can't say that based on a post either.

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Thanks for the response. I am currently unemployment, I don't have insurance to see psychiatrist which my therapist had recommended me in the passed. My emotions up and down quite offen lately. Anything could trigger my anxiety, specially when I'm upset, hurt by others and worried. I had tried the technic that you listed on your comments, but my chest hurt so much I felt I'm about to pass out. 😢


I hate meds too and I found that being in my head too much made things worse. When going down the rabbit hole I stop myself with "Is this true?" most of the time it is not. A feeling can and does pass. "This too shall pass, now would be good" - I often take comfort in that. I put little weight in what I am anxious about if it has not actually happened. The mind body connection is very connected and my anxiety has given me heart issues to deal with. A plan for your day also helps. Good luck.


Thank you for your comments. I had tried it in the passed. It's only gone for short period times and the depression come back. It was so mess-up that I just got my body weight back and now I loose it all back. Everybody said I looked really bad. I also loose lot of sleep due to night terror, body-ache and my chest felt like a grant rock sit on top of me 😢. I am trying to fight it almost everyday. I know at this moment times I needed medications to help control my symptom 😰


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