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Feeling alone and low


To start off with I'll just say that January isn't a great month for me. With it being the 2 year anniversary of my dad passing soon. I've just moved back into my uni house fir the start of my second term of my final year at uni. And honestly I've never felt so alone. I just seem to be stuck in my room all the time. I only go out to go to uni, other than that I'm stuck in this house. I have depressive episodes, I thought I was getting better but apparently I'm not

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Oh poor thing! You are doing so much for your future. Now work on making it a good one. I'm sure there is med facilities on campus. Go there and tell them you are having trouble, get some counciling! A.S.A.P you are cared for!


Thank you. Yes we have councillors on campus. I was offered he opportunity to go but I turned it down because I didn't need it at the time. I'm hoping things might get easier once my exams are over and some of the pressure is off. But I will go and see them when I can

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I just lost my father December 19 unexpectedly. Our last talk he made me cry. I hope it gets easier on that front, but loneliness is not easy either. I'm trying to keep busy. Keeping an "emotion" or "anxiety" journal. Maybe try that? Writing it out helps remove it from my brain in a way. Focus on studying. Maybe helping others on this forum. Time seems to be the only thing to heal loss. I'm sorry for your loss. It really sucks. We didn't have the best relationship, but I'd have liked us to make up. That can't be done now, so I'm going to try and help others to help myself feel better about all that. Feel free to reach out anytime, ok?


It does get easier, trust me. I still remember the last thing I said to my dad. Yeah I had to keep busy as I was still at university at the time, so only managed to get 3 weeks off. I have started a journal again so I may add in some pages for my anxieties. I have a lot of studying to do as I have exams coming up soon, so I think if I keep focused on that it may help too


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