Starting Fluoxetine with Anxiety and Depression

I'm 16, ftm transgender, and show symptoms of Depression and Anxiety. My doctor has put me on 10mg of Fluoxetine a day and I'll be starting it when my chemist gets it in (sometime in the next week, maybe as early as tomorrow). I've been told that it can worsen anxiety depending on the person really, and as I'm a teen there's no knowing how it'll react with my body. Is there anyone else on it who can maybe share their experience?

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  • I've taken Prozac for many years and I think it's fantastic for depression. For anxiety I have always taken either clorazepate or clonazepam. I have GAD---Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Prozac has never been helpful for anxiety for me. If you don't find it helps your anxiety, I think you should tell your Dr. that. Even if you have to call in between appointments, you need to report this to your Dr. if you're miserable. Sure, give it a try, but notice if it's working or not. You may not have as severe anxiety as I have and maybe Prozac will be enough for you. I hope it is. Best of luck to you.

  • Thank you, this is actually the first medication I've ever tried for it which is why I'm on such a low/weak dose.

  • Fluoxetine was a disaster for me. I later learned (after the shrinks had had their way with me) that my real problem was autoimmune thyroiditis. So, I will remind you that there are many health syndromes (as well as BigPharma drugs) that downregulate thyroid activity, both T4 production and T4->T3 conversion. One of those syndromes is stress, which I'm sure you have. Having said that, finding docs who really know thyroid, in either the UK or USA, is a maddeningly difficult process because most of them are stuck on the idea of diagnosis with TSH and treatment with T4, which does not work in many cases. If you decide to look into thyroid, take a look at the two papers from which I posted on Healthunlocked yesterday.

  • I am on 80 mg. of Prozac for OCD and depression. I have been on it for many years. Some people I know had bad side effects, but I never did. Observe yourself closely and if u have a problem call your Dr.

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