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Any advice or help?


I've just accepted I have depression, depression is so quiet and can harm you of other people around you,I need help I'm tired of thinking feeling sad and depressed is normal, I've lost friendships over the years and I'm afraid that I will soon lose my boyfriend. He's been there for me since my depression begun, but I only saw him as a front but over the years he showed me that he really loved me , in the beginning didn't love him like the way he did towards me but I do now but now I just super depressed and I feel he will leave me because of it. I need help thank you I don't know how to get better or what to do to control this depression.

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Find a therapist and get on medication if you need to. I am also depressed. I see a therapist and it really helps. I am also on meds. Don't wait.

I completely agree with Ddorne. See a good doctor, preferably a psychiatrist, and get a good counselor. You will probably need both for a while which is why I stress getting good ones. Ask around. I have many many years of experience with several types of depression and anxiety (they go together) in both myself and others. You can research doctors on the internet and also drugs and the topic of depression and anxiety. Take it all with a grain of salt. There are so many versions of each that you can educate yourself but won't know exactly how they manifest in yourself until your Dr., counselor and you give you a good picture of yourself.

If you have questions I am available to answer and if you want privacy I don't mind if you ask in a private message. There's so much to know you may have questions you can't imagine right now. Any medication for depression usually takes 4-6 weeks to see significant effectiveness. If the dosage has to be tweaked it could take longer. The 1st med might not be your answer so you might have to change to another med. A good Dr. tries to guess the best likely med the 1st time. The side effects you notice up front often fade after the 1st few weeks so wait them out. I guess that's enough info for now.

Please go get help and see what your life can be like. You can really enjoy your life so much more than you do now. In a couple of months you can be much happier. Best of luck to you and tell us how you are doing please.

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