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I have extremely bad anxiety. I have been on 24 different meds. Now, I am resistant to all but Xanax. My new psychiatrist will only give me 1mg Xanax per day. I take 1/2 pill in the a.m. and the other 1/2 of the pill 5 hours later just to get through the day. It takes the edge off, by I am barely functional. I have been diagnosed with major depression, anxiety and ptsd. I have been hospitalized a few times, taken cbt and dbt classes, see a psychiatrist as well as a therapist. I have been hypnotized recently, but that didn't work because I couldn't focus on the therapist, my mind keeps wandering off to my worries. I worry about everything. I am in the middle of moving which is making the anxiety much worse. I am safe, have a good support system. I am currently having bad anxiety about our family Christmas. The thought of being with approx. 15 people is terrifying me. That's the short form of my story. By the way, I even started praying a lot!!! Does anyone have any suggestions to alleviate any of this fear, panic etc. that I wake up with everyday? I am afraid of waking up in the morning too! Please help me!! Thank you.

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  • Hi Jenna. I'm not the right person to help as I haven't been through what you're going through but I'm glad you're here. Hopefully someone in this group can help.

  • Thank you

  • Do u know where your fears stem from? If so, work from there, I strongly recommend exercise it really helps especially yoga you have to concentrate on breathing it calms you down once you master it.

  • Thank you

  • I've had several psychiatrists in my life and all have held my max limit of clonazepam or clorazepate at 4 mg per day. Xanax is much more temporary. Clonazepam or clorazepate and their similar anti-anxiety meds are longer acting. I was on xanax only when I was 1st being diagnosed. Once I was diagnosed with GAD--generalized anxiety disorder, I was put on a drug similar to clonazepam (clorazepate) at 4 mg per day. Xanax couldn't handle that job. I stay much calmer, in a a smooth even keeled state, when I'm on one of these meds around the clock. Today I only need half this dose. But I still spread it out over 24 hours. There are no ups and downs. It's smooth going.

    I think you see my point. Is your anxiety from a disorder that's present around the clock? Or is it a panic disorder which escalates and goes away? What meds have you tried that you can't take? Were they the ones I have mentioned? If not, can you try them? The xanax isn't covering your anxiety so I'd be looking for a different med or a different Dr. with a different approach to meds. I can't help any more without answers to my questions. Best of luck to you.

  • Thank you. The xanax helps, but I just started seeing a new doctor and he only prescribed 1 mg per day. I have another leftover prescription at home so I have been taking 1/2 mg 3 times a day which takes the edge off, but is not cutting it. I have 3 major stressors adding to my everyday life, so I need more, but the doctor won't give it to me. It will take weeks to get an appointment with someone else so I am trying to get by. I have been on clonazepam in the past and it was a horror show coming off it. I will mention the other drug to my doc. Thank you for your help!!

  • Yes, they are both hard to come off of. You go on them with the presumption that your diagnosis is a lifetime one. I was able to cut my dose as I said, in half and even more, without any trouble. There is a price you pay after many many start to lose both short term and long term memory. Not all, but a little bit here and there. So you only go on the meds if you have no other choice. Because you talked about 24 different meds, I guessed that you had to have anxiety problems long term. It takes a long time to get through 24 meds. It took me about 18 years to start with some memory problems. So do keep this in mind please. For me, there was no way I could function without the clonazepam/clorazepate I took.

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  • I talked to my doctor today. He doubled my xanax dose. I hope it helps. Christmas is frightening to me (being around people, I am in the middle of moving and my son got in trouble this week with the police for fighting with another teenager. I am frightened, panicked, scared...what the outcome will be and how I am going to deal with it mentally. It is all killing me.

  • He has never gotten in trouble before. I am in shock.

  • This is definitely one of life's tougher blows for a parent. I wouldn't be surprised if you have difficulty with increased anxiety over this. It's a very good thing that your Dr. increased your allowable amount of xanax. This incident will pass and you will get through it. Try looking at it as if you're several years down the road. This will get absorbed as one incident you didn't like but you carried on and did what you had to do and eventually normal life basically resumed, albeit possibly with a few modifications. The stress you feel now eventually went away, so why not try to let go of it now, as soon as reasonably possible. You could take more frequent breaks in your day to quietly breathe slowly and think of relaxing thoughts, to center yourself and focus on being calm and relaxed in every muscle and in your thoughts. You can get a relaxation soundtrack or think about the steps to do this yourself.

  • I appreciate your advice. I will try that! Thank you very much!

  • I am hoping you are having a better day! I have found some helpful relaxation meditations on Youtube. Type in meditation for anxiety and try some. When times are bad for me I increase my prayers and listen to some ministers on their station, I listen to meditations on You tube, I take walks and do yoga, also on youtube ( yoga for seniors or beginners) I work on my breathing....longer slower exhales, I drink more water and I write down the things that are good for me today and that I appreciate. I also take zanax when needed. I am finding staying calm is a practice I need to do everyday. I was diagnosed in July. I think I am better today, but I have days that are very difficult. Blessing for you!

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