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looking for direction

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This past year has been a rough one - i was diagnosed with hyper thyrodism and Graves disease , spent three months with insomnia and lost my dad. All this brought on terrible anxiety and have being a therapist for a year. he prescribed lexapro and I feel it works but the only thing that seems to to really keep me calm is xanax which i take 1/2 mlg three times a day. I have been taking this for 11 months and it is a big help. My big issue is I am always looking for the anxiety to come back even when I am calm- Does anyone else have that issue and if so what do you do to get this monster out of your head?

My work has suffered because i can not stay focused all day.

5 Replies
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I am so sorry to hear of your difficulties. I have panic disorder with agoraphobia. Anxiety can get quite high. I, too, take xanax and have found it to be my saving grace. Ive been on it since 1989. What you describe is called anticipatory anxiety. Its like gearing up for the next attack to occur, knowing its eventually coming. But, it may not happen! I know it is very difficult to stay focused when youre continually feeling anxious. For me, deep breathing helps tremendously. "Belly breathing" instead of "chest breathing" really does help. I feel severe constriction of my throat and chest when I have an attack. If your xanax isnt stopping the attacks, even the anticipatory anxiety, you may need a dosage adjustment. Just recently, I ordered crayons and a coloring book to focus on in difficult times. Sounds silly, but it does the trick. My biggest hurdle was the fact that I had to take my meds for the rest if my life. I didnt want to, and started titrating myself off, which led to hospitalization. I signed a contract with my "shrink" stating I would never discontinue the meds. Since then, its been pretty good. It is what it is. Hopefully your anxieties can get under control and you feel comfortable again soon. Best wishes to you.

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Thanks for your notes. I will try the breathing exercises. The goal is just to control the thoughts.

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Laxma, what you describe can be quite frustrating and nerve wrecking. Can I tell you that there is so much positive in your situation from what you describe! #1 you have concrete health stressors and grief and loss so the cause is clear! #2 you had the insight, initiative, and dedication to seek therapeutic support! #3 despite challenges you are maintaining employment!

Good for you! Have you considered seeking out a nutritionist's support as opposed to additional RX so that you may return to your stable level of functioning prior to these challenges? Nutrition and mental health go hand in hand having reciprocal effects. Are you refraining from caffeine? Research shows that consuming caffeine has been linked to anxiety. In fact, anxiety symptoms caused by caffeine and other things such as sugar are too often mistaken for serious mental health disorders.

"Food for thought". Consider a nutritionist, perhaps discuss it with your PCP, and do your own research remembering that you are your best advocate.

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Thanks for your great insight and support. I have been off caffeine for over two years and very limiting in sugar category. I eat lots of greens and have been a pretty healthy eater for years. There are days like today when I fight all day to stay focused on work and not let the underlying aggravation of my anxiety take over - it is tough but I need to be strong.


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You are so welcome! Good for you!!!! You are strong! Any foods you find particularly helpful that you would like to share?

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