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Airport phobia anyone?


Hi. I suffer from huge attention deficit disorder as well as massive anxiety disorder. Panic attacks come to me each time I am called on stage, in front of colleagues or even when my boss calls me to a room. I always overthink a situation and end up losing all my energy. I think I am not good enough for the work i do, as a daughter, as a girlfriend etc. One severe problem i am suffering from is airport phobia. I seem to lose it there. I cough up and puke n feel dizzy too soon. I feel everyone knows better than me there n that i look like a fool. what can i do to get this out.

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Have you heard of "tapping" with Rick Ortner? This might be helpful for you. Sounds a little weird up front, but it has helped me plenty.

kinikia95ADAA Volunteer

I agree that tapping is helpful. I have taken more flights than I can count but I am definitely not a world Traveler. I feel overwhelmed at airports but somehow I manage. Normally I do not like to ask for help but I check the signs and if I see any airport employee I'm not afraid to ask for directions. They are used to that because so many of us are overwhelmed - I can't imagine anyone would think you were a fool unless they are a real jerk. Asking questions just makes it appear that you are trying to make it easy on yourself like a cool customer. I think the best way to combat that is to make sure that you show up early. I am late to almost everything, but for a flight I show up 2 hours early at the minimum. And I mean 2 hours early from the time I get in the actual airport. I add on extra time for parking and shuttle. Once you have that time you're golden. Recently I even traveled with a carry-on dog which has its own challenges but I showed up early enough, and people do stare, but it worked out fine. Show up early and trust yourself.

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