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feeling like I am dying


I have general anxiety disorder and seperation anxiety and I just having to be temporary seperated with from my husband for 2 weeks do to work and I think i am going to die, I feel like my anxiety is going to explode my head. I am scared. what do I do?

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I feel your sense of despair. It feels like the whole world has turned against me and just like you, I feel like I am going to die. I have never been diagnosed with anything but I have been symptomatic for decades. This is precisely why I am up at this hour of the mourning. Racing thoughts will not allow me to sleep properly. Allow me to give you these words of encouragement, find a way to stay as positive as you can. Take advantage of this platform where you are able to correspond with people who are just like you. Do what ever you deem necessary to allow you to have the peace that you deserve. I have some really good days but my bad days are terrible. Whenever it appears that I am making progress, one incident can send me in a downward spiral that may take months to get out of. I have not given up, I continue to fight everyday to be free from this self-imprisonment. That is what I want you to do. Continue to fight for your freedom and at some point individuals like us will find the love peace, and happiness we all long for.

thank you for your kinds words. It helps to know I have people out there who understands. many times i feel alone like something is wrong with me. People don't understand that they think I can just think happy thoughts and this sense of despair will go away, I have this horrible ache in my heart that is driving me crazy. I sometimes think I am not going to get better and I just need to give up on living.

No. Dont give up. brighter days are yet to come. just be patient. I am exactly like you. For me everyday is battle which i dont know if im gonna win or lose. and you know what at the end of the I realize that I survived and I will survive in the coming days. Let us not lose hope. We are all in this situation where we feel like we imprisoned of our own self. We can all surpass this.. Just believe and have faith.

I too felt as if I was going to die not harm myself but just the feeling I going to die and could not shake it for weeks. Thank-you goodness one of my doctors was able to calm me down and assure me that I was not going to die and that this is part of the anxiety/depression process. Not long after that and a lot of writing out my feelings I stopped feeling like I was going to die, I do think writing out my feelings helped a lot.


Well if you need a friend im hereif you need to talk about anything just remember that you are never alone on here

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Thank you for I am feeling very alone. I feel judged and misunderstood. I am looking for support in how i am feeling.

You're not the only one I know how Whonbarger1 your reply is exactly how I feel/going through at the moment.

Anyone stop feeling like this? I just had a baby 9 months ago and my anxiety and depression at an all time high... especially with everything going on... I feel like I’m going to die like something is going to happen to me

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