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Recently I found out my therapist is resigning. I haven't seen them in several months before finding out they're resigning. I started working at a new job and missed my appointments because of it. I was going to try and see if I could find a different day that didn't conflict to have the appointments but then I found out she is resigning anyways. 3 years ago I began seeing my therapist because I suffered from severe anxiety leading to refusal to attend school. Since I began therapy I've been doing extremely well with coping with my anxiety. But lately I've been getting really stressed and anxious again. It's been getting bad because I feel trapped like I have no one to speak to if I ever get a bad panic attack. I know I have my boyfriend, and friends who are willing to talk to me and help. The only problem I see with that is I worry they'll get annoyed with me. I'd feel more comfortable talking to a therapist rather than my friends. I'm so used to talking to my therapist and now since she resigned I don't know who I could talk to. It was nice knowing I always had her to talk to if I ever really needed it. Now without that person I can go to it feels weird. I don't know what to do, getting a new therapist isn't going to be the same. I saw several different therapist's before finding the one I seen for 3 years with success. I feel like it'll be difficult and not even worth it to even go out to find another therapist. But lately I've been feeling extremely helpless whenever I have anxiety. The good thing is it goes away but I worry what to do if I don't ever find a new therapist before I go off to college next fall. I'm not sure if I should find a new one or if maybe I don't need it anymore since I've been doing a lot better with handling my anxiety. I'm new to this site and not too sure how this works, but I'm just looking for some advice on whether or not I should consider finding a new therapist.

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  • Have you asked your current therapist for any recommendations? Based on the fact that this person already knows you, he or she may have a good sense of who, locally, would be a good fit. As far as college. Most colleges and universities have counseling centers. Most are free to students and are a great resource for the anxiety and stress that occurs as a student.

  • I tried getting in touch with my current therapist for recommendations, but since she has resigned I wasn't able to. That's why I am mostly unsure if it's even worth looking for a new one. I feel like it'll be difficult and right now my schedule is so busy, I seem to never get a break. I don't know if it'll benefit me to spend time finding a new one, or if I should just deal with things as they unfold. I figure if I get worse then I'll find a way to find a new person. But I'm not really sure if that's the best thing to do.

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