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New to GAD

Hello, I am new looking for advice, guidance and hope. My 12 year old son was Dx with ADHd at age 8 from preschool I should have caught this. in preschool when he had a play he would get dressed go maybe even sit with his class but at go time he just would not do it. nothing would get him to do his part, I brushed it off to shyness I have talked with his Doctor about some issues He refuses to go to a movie theater because of the shootings. None of the ADHD meds did anything but make him sick panic heart racing home from school. we have been tested from ADHD to anything eles that has letters. He test very high on his IQ test but will not do his work at school cannot focus a night mare thru the years I would try different meds nothing worked we had a group meeting and for the first time GAD was mentioned by a teacher I came home and read omg he is text book so now call into Dr. to help get him seen any advice would so be appreciated. Thank you

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Hello Kim, your post struck me because my nephew and my great niece have been diagnosed with ADHD. They were both put on a diet free of colors (red 1, blue 1 etc) and artificial flavors. My nephew is now 30 and seems to have outgrown it. My great niece is still on a color free & organic diet and she is 6 years old. I personally have seen the change in both of them while not eating the foods containing certain chemicals. I just wanted to share that with you.

I hope all turns out well for you and your son.



We have some great informational articles on our website that will help you understand GAD and other anxiety disorders, such as social anxiety. There are screening tests, a section devoted to parents of children and teens , podcasts, videos, e-newsletter, and webinars. There is also an excellent article about teens and anxiety here: There is a lot of information that can help you navigate this journey - you certainly are not alone!


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