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New to Active 10!

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Hi Everyone, I've just downloaded the Active 10 app. How is everyone doing with it? In the past I've found that I set unrealistic expectations, and because of that I've failed. For example I've never considered setting a goal of walking 10 min a day! It's always right I'm going to do 10000 steps a day or right I'm going to walk 30 every day, but realistically that's really hard when you go from not doing hardly any activity to that. So I'm really happy I've found Active 10 😊

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I like it and use it all the time. The ambition has to be to build up to 30 min a day or 150 a week. But once you realise that can be done in 10 minute chunks it becomes a lot more possible. I found my biggest challenge was walking fast enough to convince it that I'm walking "briskly". Even now I often can't get up hills fast enough. Good luck.

Bluebell7 in reply to slipstick

Yes I've found that out today! I can't walk fast enough for it to count as a brisk walk πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ but I'll get there!


Hi! Welcome to the community!!!!

I'm glad you are enjoying Active 10 xxx

Bluebell7 in reply to roseabi

Thank you 😊

Hi Bluebell7, I'm fairly new to active 10 and feel exactly the same as you! I've got a fitbit and used to feel like I'd failed if I didn't do 10k steps (most days😳), but now I feel more "supported" building up to that goal, and I love seeing how much of my waking was brisk 😁

Hi yes it definitely a better starting point than going straight in for the 10k! I'm learning to start smaller and build up. 😊

Well done Bluebell for taking the first step πŸ‘£ and getting started πŸ‘ it's good to have targets so that you have something to aim at, but don't forget to pat yourself on the back for what you achieve, whatever it is πŸ‘

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