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Obese any trying to do something about it


I started Monday- planning meals - counting calories and exercising each day. Tomorrow I’ve booked a PT session - wish me luck !! I’m using the app to log everything

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Good luck! I hope you achieve your objectives.

Thank you

Good luck!

Hall291 in reply to JoweyzSal

Thank you

Well done getting started in your fitness journey. You can do it... you’ll hit all your goals just so long as you keep going.

I’ll wish you luck, but doubt that you’ll need it... go find out how awesome you really are.

Thank you - just trying to plan for our 20th anniv

So week 1 done - 1.8kg lost and 1.5 inches from my waist - great news

UnfitNoMore in reply to Hall291

Fantastic stuff... great work... wonderful start.

Dove8 in reply to Hall291

Well done thats great!!

I’m doing the same. Good luck x

Yes registered as obese too. So I'm trying too. Good luck to you.

Keep going,good luck x

I started this week too. You are very motivated. Good luck.

Hall291 in reply to Dove8

Good luck to you to - motivation comes in waves but I’m sticking to the tracker

Good job Hall291, you are making a good start, keeping busy is a good idea, helps to keep your brain active and then your not eating out of boredom 🌞♥️🤞

Ok 3 weeks in 2.5 inches gone off the waist but only 2.4kg lost as I’ve started slipping back into bad habits using PT session as excuse not to do anything else but walk the dog and have a few snacks - now I’ve been honest with myself - time to turn it around - more water, less snacking and more activity this week - hope your journey is going well

I'm the same - hope it goes well for you

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