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I hate all forms of exercise so what else can I do especially as I am isolating at the moment. By the way I am 71. Thanks.

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I can understand your frustration, often with me it’s the thought of it, especially if it’s a grey wet day 😕. What sometimes works is saying ‘I’ll just do 10 minutes” which often leads to a longer walk.

Hi I have ataxia and I use my bed to do some exercises, the I also walk around the house. I have moved some furniture and made a route of 50 steps and do this a few times a day. If you can climb stairs and have stairs at home then you can plan to climb 3 times. My friend does that, I can't climb stairs so no good for me. If you do the walk after meals then it is 👌. Walking at home is safer than walking outside because there is less risk of fall. Good luck. Amynah


Hello! Welcome to the Active 10 community.

Sorry to hear you are struggling at the moment - I'd love to know a bit more about you so I can maybe help give you some ideas! Do you mean you are unable to get out and walk at the moment, or that you do not enjoy walking? What sort of things do you enjoy doing?


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