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Seeking Advice on Exercise Bike Work-outs

I have just purchased a recumbent bike – it’s a pretty sturdy gym-like model made by Vision Fitness and I’m very pleased with it. However I now realize I have no idea how many miles I should do a day – I am 47 years old and I weigh 17 stone which I urgently need to shed.

What would be a good daily target in terms of miles?

I’m concerned that it’s realistic – in the past I’ve aimed for over-ambitious regimes then given up.

Or is it less important to exercise every day but go further/raise the gradient level etc sat 4 days a week.

There are 16 settings for gradient – again any recommendations on a setting in conjunction with a recommended distance per work out would be massively appreciated?

Apologies if these questions seem quite straightforward but this is all new to me!



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Specifically, I have no clue... I don’t cycle, and I’ve never sat on a recumbent! In general though, with all exercise, start small and extend slowly... taking time to consolidate your current position every now and then, giving the body a rest from relentless progression.

I’m thinking back to starting to run, I followed couch to 5k and ran 60 seconds, walked 90 and repeated another 7 time. We had a discussion months ago on wether we could adapt it to cycling, and the consensus on that chat was to multiply by 5 for cycling... so I’d look at starting out with 5 minute intervals with rest periods of a couple of minutes.

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I agree with unfitnomore, start with intervals. Try them three times a week to start off with and see how you get on. Is it possible for you to do a little walk on the alternate days? When you have got six weeks under your belt and built up a little you could try one session time then one session bumping up the gradient for a shorter time., then back to a timed one. A little variety helps us to build stronger muscles, stronger muscles helps us burn more calories, so it might sound like you are doing less but you are not. Also we have a great strength and flex forum to have a look round and some lovely members who are doing all sorts of different things to achieve the same goals as you.

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Thanks both for these very helpful replies, much appreciated. Could you tell me how I might go about searching for that earlier discussion? Many thanks Ed


Try gives different ideas on routines

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Will try that - thank you!


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