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Positive report about picking up the pace.


I love the series trust me a doctor, I think there is a tv program coming out soon and according to this they went a bit further than the active10 experiment they did a few years ago.

It seems there a few benefits to picking up the pace. The only thing I would discuss about the article is that if you are not used to walking fast your heart rate will raise just by you picking up the pace for you, so I would assume you would get the same benefits if you are coming back to exercise even if you don’t hit the magic number they are taking about.

We all have to start somewhere 😀. It sounds like a great way to work towards lowering your blood pressure and getting fitter.

Does music make exercise more effective? bbc.co.uk/news/health-51024034

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Michael Moseley seems to operate on the basis of whatever you have been doing it is never quite enough or never quite the right thing.

That is my issue with the pace guidelines, they seem to think everyone is capable and I know after my surgery I couldn’t even walk for 10 min let alone pick up a pace, I am a firm believer in baby steps, slow and steady, work at your own pace, something is always more positive than nothing.

The best form of exercise is the one you actually do, isn't it? (And that still leaves you able to be healthy in a more rounded sense)

I agree. While Michael Mosley delivers a lot of interesting and useful ideas and information about diet and lifestyle I have my misgivings about some of them. For example, his diet suggestion, forming the entire basis of his recent book, of going two weeks on 800 calories a day. I have good willpower on diets, doing 800 calories some days with no problem and even the occasional day on zero calories but I seriously doubt anyone could go every day for 2 weeks on 800 calories under normal conditions. That is just not doable in practice, though yes in my experience it would deliver the sought-after rapid weight loss. It is far too ambitious. Perhaps, being cynical, that is the intention, as then it can’t be challenged. There is also a psychological side to ‘crash’ dieting which seems unexplored, I strongly suspect there is a downside there. I should add that I have lost 50 pounds in the last year and kept it off and I have gained, after a long uneven learning curve, a very detailed view of what that entails.

My personal preference is moderation in everything. My thyroid tablets don’t work the same on fast diets as I’m so sensitive to them, I just keep a balanced diet most of the time and it works for me.

Is muscle building part of that 2 wk program? 800 calories sounds radical.

I always find the programme very interesting and informative but it can be confusing sometimes when we hear different things about diet and exercise in the media.

I haven’t used music since completing Couch 2 5k, although I did give the podcast ’Speed’ a try. I prefer to be able to hear traffic, bikes other people but can see the advantages of using music.

I have always judged how hard my heart is working by how much I puff and pant!! But listening to a specific beat would help keep up the pace.

The people participating in the experiment were tested on a treadmill first and then given individual music which had a beat/speed appropriate for their fitness level. For fitter people I assume they would need to speed walk/jog/run to really increase their heart rate but that wasn’t mentioned in the programme.

I have it on my to watch list, sometimes with the program I wish they would just do one thing rather than snippets of things, I will try and watch it in the next few days 😀. I must admit I love my music when I am out it is a big part of the enjoyment for me, part of the relaxing side of a walk or run. Rfc x

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