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Race walking for those who want to give it a try.

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Race walking week one

For those who would like to join in here a a few videos on how to race walk.

My advice would be to build up slowly and see how you get on.

For those who are active already I would maybe be thinking of the intervals that are in the couch 2 5km One You app. With race walking instead of running.

For everyone else try 30 second -1 minute at a time within your normal walk and building up very slowly.

If you are a bit unsteady use shollies , or poles to keep you stable then just do the foot action and think about the way you flex your feet and roll to push off with your toes.

The good thing is you can just add it in, it is not about speed it is about form.

Here are some you tube videos to get you going.




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Hi Rfc - thanks for the links! I have poles now! So even though I'm not going to speed walk properly, I'm going to try to learn the technique to help me get the hang of them! Watch this space lol ;)

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Great news Kay, take it very steady as it will probably have you walking slightly differently, so make sure you are balanced and confident with your steps. I imagine your poles will help you to straighten up a bit which will help your arthritis long term. Good luck.

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Very helpful xx

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Thank you, do you think you might be interested?

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Yes definitely!!

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Great videos, thank you Rfc! I thought the first one explained the technique really clearly. Need to watch again and give it a go! 😊

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Thank you. I really enjoy race walking and it makes a great day off training from running too.

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Have given the race walking a little try while out on a dog walk. Wellies are not ideal!! Felt a bit strange and not sure if my technique was anywhere near correct. Certainly got a bit out of puff though! 😁

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I would imagine wellies would hinder your movement a bit, it depends on how big and how flexible they are. It took me a while to find shoes that were right for me as I worked out I liked quite a lightweight shoe, my distance runners were too padded and I couldn’t feel what my foot was doing while I was learning. My coach said the technique comes as long as the feet are doing the right thing.

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I'll have to try as well. I can imagine that shoes can make all the difference.

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OMG it looks hilarious 😂. I have given it a short try in my back yard, but I don’t think it agrees with my hip pain (osteoarthritis and the works). I’ll probably just continue plodding about 🚶‍♀️

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It is not for everyone. I found that when I got my form it helped my osteoarthritis by Strengthening the muscles slight differently to just walking. For me it was shortening my cadence to help. If anyone finds they are really are worried about how they look a big baggy top helps. 😀.

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