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How to start walking. - help sheet


This is quite a new site and one of the things I want to help people with is those first few steps out of the door.

This year I had a major abdominal operation and it made me feel very vulnerable when I took my first steps outside. I was so unsure I had to have someone come out on my walks with me.

I was so shocked about how I felt and I realised I could not be totally alone in this and with the wonderful help of runswithdogs we have come up with a help sheet to build your confidence up as you take the first steps out the door.

Please have patience with yourself and take it all very slowly and you will get there.

Please feel free to download and print off the help sheet if you like.

Most of all happy walking whatever your pace or distance.we are virtually out there with you 😀.

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Thanks Realfoodieclub

Really useful and great advice.

Wow thanks RFC. This has been a shocking reminder at how far I've come in the past few months since my concussion. This made me remember how hard those first few walks were. It's reframed my current struggles as a successful work in progress.

Happy walking everyone.

I know exactly what you mean, I wrote this weeks ago and then finished it off as a PDF. I was looking for a way to convert it to jpeg and then forgot about it, ( bit of brain fog after anaesthetic)

I remembered it yesterday and got the app to convert it. I still remember those first few steps out the door and part of me always wants to remember how far I have come.

It was a real eye opener as to how a walk changes when you are unsure of yourself and I would really like this forum to be a place where people who are feeling it's too hard can get the help they need as I think this is lacking in a lot of walking programs.

We have great experienced walkers who can offer helpful advice to newbies.

Thank you so much for all your help on this.

Rfc x.

Very helpful. I have been walking for a while now and do my 10000 steps 3 times a week but I have had a very nad ankle sprain some month ago and that still hurts sometimes. I just keep walking as it not only makes me feel better physically but it is also like a mental boost for me...yeah definitely keep walking.

Walking is great for mental health. Some doctor’s surgeries even prescribe it with little walking groups within the surgery before medication. 😀. Sorry your ankle is still playing up, I hope that settles down soon for you. Rfc x

Bah! Those darn ankles. I sprained mine badly mid April and it's still acting up. I find it's sore to start, and then it seems to warm up and feel better. And then I have to watch not to overdo it or it acts up again.


Thanks Realfoodieclub and runswithdogs - so inspirational!

Thank you so much for the advice I found it very comforting Since my hip replacement I haven't been out anywhere alone and I've been worrying about my lack of confidence and this has really helped me not to feel so alone I will get there I'm sure if I start by little walks and build up ☺️

Take it nice and steady, take a rest day after your walks to allow your body to heal. Give yourself time to walk don't try and fit it in, a relaxed walk that is manageable is better for you than rushing through it and feeling wobbly. You will get there. Please keep coming back on here and let us know how you are getting on, but most of all take care of yourself

Rfc x.

Thank you so much this forum is just what I need to get me back to full health I was having rest days after a walk and wondering if I should but I'm glad you have confirmed that xx

This helpsheet is great. Not only is it helpful for people who have had surgery, but also for this who have suffered from mental health issues and have been afraid to level their homes. It reminds me of the steps I took when I first started to go outside again. I was so scared of being away from the security of my home and I was so tired as well that I'd just walk so far and then try and increase how far I walked the next time I was out. :-D

Adding a few more steps before I am completely breathless, each day. And counting!!!!

Take it nice and steady, it is not a race it is a journey. If your finding the increases a little much, stay at the same steps for a few days until they feel really comfortable. It is better to take more time than to push yourself too hard, well done on adding a few more In though.


Nice post, thanks

Just wanted to say thank you for the support I am getting here already. I really appreciate it 😊

Thank you, we all have the same goal, a healthier lifestyle so we understand each other. Rfc x

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