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Old faithful!

I still didn't make it to my newly found coffee shop!?! I'd forgotten I had an appt with the chiropractor today. So I had my treatment, left my car in his car park and walked to my old faithful coffee shop - the one that was my regular before I moved! It was so good to be in a familiar place and to see familiar faces - and the coffee is as good as it ever was! There and back was slightly over my absolute maximum of 4000 steps, but I took it easy and made it! If the weather turns as wet and windy as forecast I'll be going no further than the village shop till it improves, so the delights of a new coffee shop will still await me!:)

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Sometimes you gotta stick with old faithful. Amazing that you came in over the maximum, new bar has been set. Looking forward to a rundown of the new cafe whenever you get there.


Thanks runswithdogs - it's blowing a gale with squalling rain today, so there'll be no posh coffee yet!


Well done on your unplanned increase, hope you didn’t feel it too much. I like revisiting old haunts sometimes I am a bit of a sentimental one and love good old memories every now and then. Looking forward to hearing about the new coffee shop when you get there.


Hey Rfc - after all this I hope the coffee's good! I did have a few regrets about moving when I was having my posh coffee, but they were fleeting! The thought of having to deal with stairs again was a total switch off!:)

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