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Went for a little walk yesterday


Just a short walk to the coffee shop and back. After my cold I got a sinus infection, so I’m now half way through a course of antibiotics and ready to start getting back into things again.

It really feels like it has been a long two weeks.

I’m trying to be steady away for the next couple of weeks to give my body real time to heal.

We all have different abilities but it is so easy to overdo things sometimes, you don’t t feel it until you’ve done too much. ☹️🤧.

Anyone else bad at taking it easy?

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Hi Rfc. Gosh but you have been in the wars lately! So glad you're on the mend now - but please take your own very good advice, "slow and steady!" I'm still not back to where I was 3 months ago. I do think that sometimes our bodies decide it's ready for a little rest, and won't cooperate till they're good and ready! Take care! x

Realfoodieclub in reply to Hidden

Thank you. I do try and listen to what my body’s is saying then I run out of patience 😂. I will take it easier and get totally better this time. The move must have taken so much work, you will get back into your own routine soon. Take care too xxx

Oh, yes, count me in - in the overdoing things department! I work really hard (have been working from age 18 to support my family) and often don't even realise when I'm tired or unwell. I'm learning all this now - at the young age of 67!

For me it is the “OH I shouldn’t of done that, now look how I feel. “ After years of being a carer, I find it hard not to soldier through now MrRfc is feeling better and can help. 😀. It a lesson worth learning and I’m determined to do it.

I'm like Goldilocks. I either by overdo or underdo it and am looking for that 'just right' space. Hope you feel fantastic soon RFC

I have an app which tells me if I am overdoing it:

HRV4Training runs on an iPhone and Apple Watch 4, and it gives me an excuse to "take it easy" and not walk 50km a week!

I think it helps to try to keep warm and dry.

Hidden in reply to S11m

It definitely does help S11m - I find it really difficult to get out in winter. My joints ache and my face doesn't like cold winds either! Once I've done it I feel good, but oh my word, getting out the door is my main challenge. So I only overdo things in summer!

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