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Must be bonkers!


It's really blowing a gale here - and raining too! So what did I do at 8.40pm? Put on my boots and raincoat, got my Sholley and went for a (brisk-ish) walk around the school. I managed three circuits. The lane's dark, so I needed my torch, but oh how alive I feel in this wild weather! Just having a cuppa after a hot shower, although it's hard to drink the tea - I've got such a big grin on my face!?!

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Wow doing better than me today, Ive stayed in the warm and dry. Well done. Very well earned cuppa I bet ☕️.


Whooh hooh, go you! ohhhhh what a lovely feeling to be warm, tingly and cosy back home with a cuppa! Bliss, enjoy! 😍 Not to mention well done 10/10 for effort and motivation! 👍👍👍


Wow. Way to go Kay! I've been slugging off on my walks now that the snow is on the ground. But I should get out there and follow your lead.

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Hey, runswithdogs, it's only raining here! SNOW? That's another ball game altogether! x Take care!

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